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Worship Leader: We are the Generation UK Tour September 14-November 9, 2008

Lakeland, FL Revival April 2 – August 2008, and other cities in U.S. and abroad

Founder of Run with Fire Ministries

Worshipped with worship leaders such as Nick Coetzee and Lindell Cooley

Married with two children


Roy Fields: Genuine Worship Brings Revival

By Heather Salon
The 700 Club


Roy Fields wants “to make Jesus famous.”  Though he has been worshipping God for most of his life, he knows that true worship is not about him…it’s all about Jesus. He does not want to be just a worship leader. 

His prayer to God has been, “Wherever you put me, let there be revival…and I won’t leave until you tell me too.” 

Everywhere Roy has travelled there has been revival. Roy defines revival as: 1 - Falling in love with Jesus all over again;. 2 - Having the Joy of your salvation restored. Also, Roy says everywhere he has been, people are hungry for God. Everybody in the world is hungry.

If you want revival, you have to believe what you say. Christians must believe and remain hungry and desperate for God. You need to die to yourself. The power is in the Word of the testimony. It’s reviving what’s already there that has been dormant. There is so much more in God.

There is a whole other level of worship. With the song, In the Presence of Angels, Roy says he “heard it,” he didn’t write it. It is the next level of worship - you don’t just sing a song, you sing the sound of what you hear - the sound of heaven - and you can’t sell that.


For years, Roy has been travelling cities in the U.S. and other countries and has consistently seen God work miraculously, just as in Lakeland, Fla., and the United Kingdom. In Lakeland, he was the head worship leader and stayed for the duration of the whole revival, which lasted from early April to early August 2008. 

After his experience at Lakeland, Roy says his personal worship to God has not been the same since. One evening, they heard the angels sing (In the Presence of Angels).  He learned to sing the sounds of heaven and the songs that God wanted to hear.

Since Roy has made worship about God and not him, his ministry has gotten invitations from around the world – so much so that Roy has to pray about where God wants him to go. From Lakeland, he went to the United Kingdom and ministered from September 14 to November 9, 2008, with only a couple of breaks in between.

At the various England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland churches, several hundreds of people attended each night. By the end of the “We are the Generation UK Tour,” there were 1,557 decisions made for Christ.   

Currently, Roy is in revival meetings in Kingston, NY. They started February 6, 2009, and were only supposed to last a weekend. They are now almost starting the second week and Roy has cancelled his next few meetings to stay in Kingston. He will not stop until the Lord says to. On one of the evenings, the worship went on for five hours and there were 75 decisions for Christ with 30 minutes of speaking in tongues. He is seeing similar things happening at Kingston that had happened at the Lakeland Revival.


Roy was raised as the only child of a single mother in upstate New York. He was surrounded by ministry and music throughout his formative years. His first practical musical experience came when he was in a house meeting. There were five guitarists leading worship and the presence of the Lord was very strong. Roy was 11-years-old, and he felt the Lord call him into the ministry at that moment. He knew this is what he would do for the rest of his life. From there he went on to play the acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, and piano.

Roy began leading worship at age 14 and had a couple of bands that he had formed. One was called "Revelation" and the other was called "Selah." The band scene never really worked out for Roy as his heart was really worship, not performance. 

At 21, Fields was spending part of his time playing the guitar and piano with worship leaders such as Nick Coetzee and making frequent trips to the Brownsville Revival, where world renown worship leader Lindell Cooley would lead. Roy was very taken in by the passion that Lindell had for the Lord in his worship. It really changed everything about the way Roy worshipped. Fields and Cooley are great friends today.


In the winter of 1995, Roy went on a mission's trip to Africa with a good friend of his, named Rudi Louw (from South Africa). He traveled abroad to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia. There he ministered in several villages and cities. He saw signs, wonders, and miracles happen. It changed his life forever.   

There was a school of 1,000 students that by the end of the week were attending these meetings that Roy was having on their campus. God told Roy through a prophet of the Lord two years prior to this trip, that he would do this with Roy to show him that He is no respecter of persons. He can use anyone. Roy did not have a guitar or piano at these meetings, only his voice and a whole lot of expectant youth who were in anticipation to see God move. And, God moved mightily.

Later, after about two months of moving from upstate New York and moving to Ft. Walton Beach, Fla,, Roy met his wife Melanie. He went on to lead worship in a local church located in Niceville, Fla., and from there, Fields and his wife stepped out into fulltime ministry in the summer of 2005. They moved out of their house and gave everything away because they knew that God had called them. After traveling for close to four years down the east coast of America from Maine to Florida, Roy found himself in Lakeland, Florida in the summer of 2008 ministering to a global audience of over 100 million viewers by way of the Internet and television; as well as over one hundred thousand people attending those meetings. In just three years, Roy has independently sold over 30,000 copies worldwide of his music albums, We are the Generation and Less of Me, along with his other studio cut CDs.

Roy and his wife along with his 2 children still remain traveling on the road today globally to the nations and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship. The heart of Roy's ministry is really to make Jesus famous. 

Now, almost two decades later,  he is drawing on all those musical skills and all God has given him as the founder of Run with Fire Ministries International and the president of Roy Fields Music, Inc.


"I always had a desire to lead people in worship," Roy says, "I love it when people get caught up in worship. There are times when we are worshipping that I sense His approval - and that's what it's about - doing what is pleasing to the Lord. It's during these intimate times with the Lord that people's lives are being transformed."

When Roy looks back at all God has brought him through, he is still surprised by the orchestrating hand that God carefully prepared him for his current position.

"I had no idea how far and where the Lord would take me in this journey, especially knowing some of the difficulties that I had encountered. But, I realize that there is no limit with God," he said. "Not knowing is actually becoming a comfort to me because I know it allows God to be the ultimate director."

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