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Do You Notice When "Godwinks" at You?

Many people experience coincidences in their everyday lives that are too strange to be chalked up to just mere chance. SQuire Rushnell believes that these so-called coincidences are often dismissed too easily and that they many times mean something more significant. He calls them Godwinks; a personal communication from God to an individual, which is usually a circumstance or event that seems like a coincidence but is too personal and unbelievable to be so. Skeptics try to dismiss these events as coincidence through math and science equations but many times the odds are not in their favor.

Godwinks are messages of reassurance and encouragement from God throughout one's life to reassure an individual that he or she is on the right track. SQuire says they are like sign posts, they don't direct you but they reassure you that you’re heading in the right direction. He says, “Our lives are not random experiences taking us to destinations unknown. Our lives are part of a much greater plan.” Godwinks simply give us hope in times of uncertainty so we can move towards certainty. He also believes it is important for people to dig into their past to find these key moments, turning points, and transitions. When people find Godwinks in their past, they can better understand what God has for them in their future.   

SQuire researched hundreds of coincidence stories in hopes that a new perspective on synchronistic events would help others to enrich their own lives. He says, “God is watching us and Godwinks are messages of hope that come when we need them the most.” One of his favorite stories happened to the lead actress on the popular TV series “Touched by an Angel,” Roma Downey. One day Roma was visiting a children’s hospital trying to bring hope to sick children. She walked down a corridor and saw nurses with a bereaved family and beyond them she saw a lifeless child lying on the bed. The mother was in anguish but when their eyes met her expression changed into one of hope. The grieving mother said, “I prayed that you would come, I asked God to send me an angel to confirm that my child is in heaven. And here you are.” Roma wanted to respond saying, “No…you’re wrong. I’m not really an angel…I’m an actress who plays an angel,” but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She prayed for the mother and greatly comforted her. After leaving, she was burdened with guilt because she felt that she misled the mother by not correcting the mother. A friend counseled her saying, “Baby, there are times when we need to step out of the way, and let God use us to channel his grace.” It became clear to her that God had winked and channeled his grace through her and wisdom through her friend. After this Godwink Roma had a clearer understanding about her job for God.

Jim Kelly was facing the passing of his mother but couldn’t find the will to even go to her bedside to say goodbye. He was there with all of his family. The priest went into her room and anointed her and as he was leaving the electricity flickered off and back on followed by the fire alarm going off an hour later. None of the nursing staff could explain why. Then the hospice nurse told them it was time to come into the room and say their final goodbyes. Jim couldn’t find the will to go in. He felt bad but couldn’t bear the thought of having his last memory of her on her deathbed.

He was grieving in the hallway when he noticed that the nursing home sound system was playing music. The song that was playing was “Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye.” Jim’s mother used to call him Jimmy and sing this exact song to him when he was a child. The lyrics are, “I’ll see you again but I don’t know when. Goodbye, Jimmy, goodbye.” Three minutes later she passed away. Jim believes that God was giving his mother another way to say goodbye to him and letting him know she was in heaven. This Godwink greatly comforted Jim and in his grieving state.      


In 2006, SQuire and his wife Louise wrote Couples Who Pray. Their research showed them that couples that prayed together on a regular basis had stronger and happier marriages. The book prompted them to issue a 40-day prayer challenge (5 minutes a day for couples) through the local church. The problem they ran into was that many of the pastors didn’t pray with their wives and therefore wouldn’t promote the prayer challenge.

Now, SQuire and Louise are partnering with Baylor University to gain more data on couples that pray together. They are creating an app and reissuing their prayer challenge to churches everywhere. They already have several large churches promoting it and will use this new data for their upcoming book Pray Together, Stay Together.


SQuire and Louise are currently in talks with the Hallmark Channel about a possible Godwink series for 2015. The show would possibly be hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and would have two Godwink retellings, twenty minutes in length.

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