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Singer/Songwriter; 4 albums, his latest: Redbird (2012)

2 Dove Award nominations

Attended college, Mount Olive, North Carolina

Married, Megan

Children, Montgomery (4) and Ada Beth (1)

Guest Bio

Singer Warren Barfield's Launch Into Christian Music

Warren grew up in a Christian home.  His dad is a pastor so he grew up playing music and being involved in church life.  “I started playing guitar at 15 at church,” says Warren.  By 18, Warren was playing at other local churches.  After graduating high school, he says he was searching.  “All of my friends worked on their family farm or went to school.  We didn’t have a family farm so I went to college,” says Warren.  He attended Mount Olive College because his sister went there.  “I still wanted to play music but I didn’t know how to do all that,” he says.  So Warren started booking his own concert gigs from his dorm room.  Warren was missing a lot of classes, particularly one biology class.  The lab was held on Fridays and the class on Monday mornings.  Warren would leave school on Fridays to play at a venue somewhere and usually miss his Monday class, too.  Inevitably, the professor failed him.  “That made me choose,” says Warren.  “Be in class or play music.” 

Warren booked enough gigs for a year.  “I came home and told my parents,” he says.  “I would quit school and be lucky enough to play music for one year.”  After finishing up the school year at his parents’ request, Warren hit the road in his 1995 green Mustang, a suitcase and his guitar.  During his travels of over 200,000 miles and 600 gigs, Warren lived on the road, staying with pastors and others.  Then he met and married Megan in 2001.  They settled in Charlotte, North Carolina but Warren started getting calls to play in Nashville.  They relocated there after a few years.

Warren will sing “Right Time.”  He wrote this song about meeting Megan while he was traveling on the road.  “My life has always been about stepping out in faith and acting on that faith,” says Warren.  After he met Megan, Warren had a conversation with his mom.  He was unsure about what he should do: he met a girl but figured he had to wait to get his life figured out before making any type of commitment.  Warren’s mom told him, “If you wait until you get things figured out, you will never do anything.” “Sometimes as Christians, we are always praying but never doing.  You are not living if you spend your life waiting for the right time.  There is no right time other than now,” he says.

He wrote the song for the album title, Redbird, because he wanted to let his kids know he would always be there for them.  “The redbird is not a migrating bird,” says Warren.  “It is consistent and constant; strong through the cold, wind, rain and snow.  The redbird is loyal for life.” 

This month, Warren joins Kirk Cameron for “Love Worth Fighting For” marriage events in Virginia Beach, Richmond and High Point, North Carolina. 

For concert and more information, please visit
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