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Wendy Griffith: Praying the News

By The 700 Club

EXAMPLE OF PRAYER CHANGING THE HEADLINES:  "From City of Dope - to City of Hope!"

Manchester, KY. The headline was "Pain Killer Capitol of the Nation" - today, they're known as the "City of Hope" because of PRAYER.  
In 2004, hopeless and desperate people began to pray in Manchester, KY and the Lord gave them a plan to march through the city.  Sixty-three (63) churches  and more than 3500 people marched in a cold rain and that march gave the Church a voice.  When they prayed and repented  before God, something broke in the spirit.  "God came to tabernacle with us" Pastor Doug Abner says. 

Every sector of society was transformed from the drug culture, to political corruption; even the land came back.  The black bear and elk returned.  They were even voted with having the best tasting water in Kentucky.  God restored and transformed their city when people prayed - and now people come to Manchester to find hope -- not drugs. 

"The Lord took us from the city of dope to the city of hope!  Today, we are living in a time when many are discouraged and have given  up.  The Church in America needs to fall on its knees again and cry out to the only One who can help.  This book is a book of hope!  Allow the Lord to stir you as you read these stories of encouragement.  It is a timely book that can change your life."  -Pastor Doug Abner, Sr. Pastor Community Church, Manchester, KY.


As Pat Robertson and I rode through a bus in northern Israel during the war with Hezbollah, I kept Psalm 91 out on the seat - I will not fear the terror by night nor the (katushas) that fly by day.  We had peace.  We were on a mission.  When you partner with God to change the headlines - fear is not an option - only faith.  God gave us peace that even in the midst of the battle, He was with us.  The katushas came close but never harmed us.  Pat was there to let Israelis know that Christians everywhere were standing with Israel.   We were able to pass that peace on to other reporters in the field by praying for them and praying and encouraging Israeli soldiers in Metula (border town with Lebanon) that God was with them.  Every believer has a mandate from God to bless Israel and we were doing that with our presence and our prayers. Gen. 12:3 and Psalm122:6


Mike Tobin --FOX News Reporter
Before I even knew I would be assigned to cover the war in Israel, I had been praying for a friend and FOX News reporter Mike Tobin.  There's a street in Virginia Beach, Virginia called Tobin Street and I felt the Lord was reminding me to pray for his safety.  A few weeks later, I'm driving through northern Israel and I see Mike standing in front of a tank staging area - we hadn't seen each other in years but he recognized me instantly.  I jumped out of the car and said, Mike, I've been praying for you.  We hugged and then my colleague and I prayed for Mike right there with about 50 Israeli tanks looking on.  It's been my experience that God will send you around the world to pray and encourage one person - Jesus would have died for just one person.  He cares about His children and sometimes you will have a burden to pray for someone and you don't know why.  Don't ignore that - that's God inviting you to partner with Him in intercession.  Your prayers might even save a life.


What's the significance of the book being released on 9-11?

Right after 9-11, people were flocking to churches, people were praying like never before - God bless America was everywhere.  But it wasn't long before people returned to their old ways and prayer and church attendance tapered off.  I believe the ten-year anniversary of 9-11 is a time of reflection and a time to thank God for His faithfulness all of these years.  God has kept His hand of protection on us since 9-11 but there have been some close calls and we are not out of danger. Terrorism is still a very real threat to America and we can't afford to let down our guard. We need to be praying and interceding for this nation like never before.

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