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A lead singer in the pop group Anthem Lights

Albums included: You Have My Heart, Covers Part III, and Anthem Lights

Actor: lead role "The Song," "Out of Ashes," and "Produce"

Attended Liberty University

Married and has two daughters

Guest Bio

Anthem Lights Front Man Sings New Tune as Actor in "The Song" ALAN AND ANTHEM LIGHTS
Alan Powell grew up going to church because his father was a pastor. At a young age, he came to know God and sought to live his life in response to that commitment. He started singing in the church and found a passion for music. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles where he helped write with an aspiring solo artist. The more they wrote the more they realized that the songs were better suited for a group. A couple days later, they had pulled on two other singers and formed Anthem Lights. Alan says, “We just knew it was right. Everything just fell into place... like it was meant to be.”

They are all Christians and strongly believe in sharing truth through their songs. Alan says, “We were intentional on being more than just another pop group. We understood our calling, that we were meant to be more than ‘music business.’ We were called to share the Light we’ve been given. To build people up. To lead the way.” The group writes original music but also does covers of popular music. One of their covers on YouTube has attracted more than four million views.


Alan always had a passion for film. He regards it as the most moving medium to this day. To him, films have always asked the deepest questions and challenged him the most. He always wanted to be an actor but never had the opportunity. While he would be traveling on airplanes for concerts he would read books on acting. Soon, he started pursuing acting and putting himself out there. His agent contacted him and he auditioned for the lead role of the film “The Song” and was offered the part. He really liked the project because he believed strongly in the message, so he took it.

“The Song” is a romantic drama riddled with Americana music that deals with love and meaning in this life. The movie is inspired by the biblical story of “The Song of Solomon.” “The Song” tells the story of singer-songwriter Jed King as he aspires to escape the shadow of his legendary father’s country music. Jed catches a small break and meets a young woman named Rose and they quickly fall in love. They are married and Jed writes her a song that eventually becomes his breakout hit. The song propels him to stardom, bringing temptations that threaten his marriage and challenge his way of life.

Alan believes that there is much to be learned from his character Jed King’s life. Alan points out that no one has to live their life like Jed does, searching for meaning and fulfillment in everything else but God and relationships. He believes that Jed’s life is a cautionary tale of what happens when you aren’t satisfied with God and life, and you are ambitiously seeking more. Alan personally relates to the character because he is a musician as well and spends a lot of time away from home without his family. He has had similar challenges so this film helped him prioritize his family and be smart with temptations. He also feels that the film shows how marriage is the most important relationship on the planet and that we need to regain that perspective. The crew of the film believes this so strongly that they doubled in his wife so that he wasn’t kissing another woman in the movie. Alan hopes that this film will communicate that without God life is meaningless, and that people will walk away from the movie asking how God is involved in their life.

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