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Host, "Hour of Power"

Pastor, Shepherd’s Grove Church

Author, latest, Happiness According to Jesus: What it Means to be Blessed. Also, Imagine Happiness: A Simple Guide, and the trilogy, Know the Love of God Forever, Love Your Soul as God Loves You, and Show the Love of God to Others.

Has appeared on television shows 100 Huntley Street and The Messengers

Youngest serving chaplain in the Chautauqua Institute’s 150 year history and is president of the St. Patrick Project, a social services outreach in Orange, CA

Wife: Hannah

Two children: Haven and Cohen

BA, Oral Roberts University, 2003 Masters of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2008


Guest Bio

Bobby Schuller Helps You Find Happiness Through Jesus


Bobby Schuller is the son of renowned pastor Robert A. Schuller, and the grandson of internationally known minister Robert H. Schuller. Robert H. Schuller was the founder of the Crystal Cathedral and the “Hour of Power.” Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he is now the lead pastor for the “Hour of Power,” a well-known weekly-televised church service to millions around the world. The “Hour of Power” has been running since 1970. He is also the pastor of Shepherd’s Grove church. Shepherd’s Grove is formerly known as the Crystal Cathedral, which changed its name after moving to its new campus (formerly the location of St. Callistus' Catholic Church) on July 7, 2013. Bobby is also the pastor of Tree of Life Community in Garden Grove, CA.


Shepherd’s Grove is undergoing a great renewal. Bobby describes the process as a “redemption story.” The church is starting to expand again, and the “Hour of Power” is gaining viewership at a swift pace. One of his main goals since becoming pastor is discipleship. He said, “ Jesus said, ‘Go out into the world and make disciples’- not go into the world and share the gospel.’”  Although he does share the gospel, he wants to share at a deeper level than merely an encouraging word, just as his father and grandfather did.

Bobby says there are great things in store for the ministry, such as broadcasting in China. There is currently no televised Christian ministry in China, and Bobby hopes to be the first televised ministry in the area. Shepherd’s Grove already has a strong presence in Hong Kong, and Bobby hopes to strengthen the connection that exists there. He can feel that the Lord is going to do great things. He said, “I feel like a boat on a river, I may not know where the river goes, but it’s flowing fast.” The “Hour of Power” was once the most watched Christian program in the world, and Bobby hopes to regain that viewership.

Not only is God growing the church and the television program, but He also transformed Bobby personally through his preparation to become pastor.  Bobby says he has spent lots of time in formation over the years. Much of that time has been spent in prayer. For years, Bobby focused on his personal development as a disciple. As a result, God has built his “inner life.” When the Shepherd’s Grove congregation invited him to become the pastor, Bobby was ready.  Through the process, Bobby says God has been teaching him to be a better leader. He has grown from the responsibility. He said, “A lot of leaders focus on “big ministry,” but in the “upside-down”kingdom, God wants  us to focus on the inner man.


Bobby Schuller’s favorite part of scripture is the Sermon on the Mount. Happiness According to Jesus applies the teachings of Jesus’ most famous sermon to our current lives, and shows us how to live life better than we could have ever imagined. Bobby believes that as Christians, we can lead a blessed, happy life, even though we have earthly suffering.

Many would say that Jesus’ teachings from the Sermon on the Mount are extreme. Bobby said, “I would agree that they are extreme, but they are applicable. People need to take the teachings extremely seriously.” He notes that if Christians were to take the words of the Sermon on the Mount more seriously, the world would have a more positive view of Christians today.  Happiness According to Jesus discusses several topics from the famous scripture. Some of them are:

Righteousness in secret- Bobby says vainglory means “we’ve done something good, and doesn’t that make us so great?” In other words, the sin of vainglory means that we want others to recognize our wonderful accomplishments. However, Jesus says that we should do what’s right because we love what is right, instead of doing it to be admired.

Love your enemies- Loving your enemies does not mean to have positive feelings about them. Bobby says when we love our enemies, we have a radical loving response to them. For instance, if you get bad service at a restaurant, leave a huge tip! If someone gossips about you, spread good words about them! Being a Christian means to be different and respond differently than others would.

Don’t store up treasures on Earth- Spiritual wealth isn’t made of physical treasures you can gather here on earth, however, treasure in Heaven is something you can access right now. Our spiritual treasures can include virtue, prudence, justice, love, and mercy. We also gain spiritual wealth when we are active in our calling and lining up with the mission of God.  Once we gain spiritual treasures, we live with joy, meaning, and true happiness.

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