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CeCe Winans: Songs of Emotional Healing

By The 700 Club

Cece Winans will be hosting the 5th annual Always Sisters (now also) Forever Brothers conference for young men and women from the ages of 13-26 on July 21-23 in Nashville, TN.  The conference will feature guests like: Judge Greg Mathis, Dr. I.V. Hillard, Tamela Mann, David Mann, Canton Jones, LeCrae, Mali Music, Preashea Hilliard, Mary Mary, Matt Pitt, Mom Winans, and Nancy Alcorn.  

The conference will incorporate messages that deal with real issues young adults face in today's world, like living with AIDS, self-esteem, health, the truth about relationships, fatherlessness, anger, teen/single parenting, STDs and other enlightening topics.  There will be the standard sessions about prayer and studying the Bible.  Also, there will be a fashion show to show young people how to dress stylish without being too revealing.  Over 3,000 attendees are expected.

Cece says if the older generation doesn’t reach our younger generation and reach them quickly, we will loose them.  She points out that natural tragedies and disasters like the hurricanes are “taking souls by the droves” and that it is critical for Christians to get out there now and tell people about Jesus.  Cece’s commitment to share Jesus through the conference and in her music has intensified with the passing of her brother Ronald a few years ago.  She had a new revelation of how short life is and that we must each be about doing what the Lord has planned for us to accomplish. 


CeCe is well known for her beautiful singing voice and great stage presence.  She readily admits she never thought she would be a speaker.  However, CeCe says she really had fun at her first Always Sisters conference 2005 in Nashville when she hosted 700 teen girls.  In 2009, CeCe decided to expand the vision and include young men.  Then, the organization was called “Always Sisters, Forever Brothers.”   These conferences are products of her desire to influence young women, and now young men. 

CeCe wants young people to know “who they are and Whose they are.”  Putting together the Always Sisters, Forever Brothers conference is her way of getting the message out.    CeCe was deeply gratified to see hungry teens receive the Lord’s message of love and acceptance.  She says at the conferences there is great music, good speakers and lots of repentance, love, joy, peace and freedom for the participants and hosts.  More importantly, she says a Spirit of holiness was released.  CeCe makes it clear that she wants the young men and women to “leave out (of the conference) with the mindset to live holy before the Lord.” 


CeCe continues to make great music.  Songs of Emotional Healing is a compilation of songs from various albums which she thought would minister to others.  CeCe will be sharing the song “Comforter.”  This song is about the faithfulness of God.


The Winans are considered “the first family” of gospel music. CeCe inherited a musical legacy from Mom and Pop Winans.  She was born eighth of ten children.  Her siblings include famed gospel quartet The Winans (brothers Marvin, Carvin, Ronald (now deceased) and Michael), and brother BeBe.

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