The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Author of several books, his latest: Touching Heaven (2015)

Dir., Preventive & Integrative Cardiology at Good Samaritan Medical Center, Palm Beach, FL

Editor of popular medical newsletter, Dr. Crandall’s Health Report

Serves on Board of Trustees for Palm Beach Atlantic University, Board of Advisors for the Hunter’s Ministry, Board of Trustees for Reinhardt Bonnke Ministries

Education: BS, Anthropology, Virginia Commonwealth University

MD, Post-doctoral work, Yale University School of Medicine

3 years research in the Cardiovascular Surgery Div., Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

Married: Deborah, 37 years

Sons: Christian & Chad



Looking Beyond the Limitations of Science

The 700 Club


When Dr. Crandall was 19 years old, he was working as an orderly at a community hospital in northern Virginia and met a patient who was a WWII veteran.  One day while scrubbing in to attend an autopsy, Dr. Crandall realized the man on the metal table was the patient he had met.  Dr. Crandall was suddenly faced with the question: Is this all there is?  He decided that he hated death and would devote his life to fighting it with everything he had.  A year after the autopsy, Dr. Crandall gave his life to the Lord and shortly thereafter started medical school. 

One day Dr. Crandall was studying the human body at a macroscopic level in a lab.  A half-dozen five-gallon buckets, filled with hundreds of discarded fetuses, were waiting for him.  He was appalled.  “As I learned more about the complexities of the human body, neither could I comfortably accept the popular rationale that something so precise and intricate could just happen in an explosion of primordial molecules,” he says.  “To me…the delicate balance…that sustains every human life belies an undeniable order that eliminates coincidence and shouts of creative genius.”  Deborah could see that her husband’s eyes were opening.  For more than 4 decades, Dr. Crandall says the limits of science are what actually persuaded him that there was life after death.  “Science could only account for so much of what I was witnessing firsthand,” says Dr. Crandall.  The more he practiced medicine, the more he witnessed outcomes that had no clinical explanation, like medically impossible healings or details from patients describing their out-of-body experiences.  “It seemed to me that order was the true nature of things and there had to be a return to it somehow after we passed, or else the balance of systems within our physical world is pointless,” he says.  There has to be a purpose not only in this life but after this life, too.


Once he was treating a patient named Michelle who was 20 years old and in the ICU, hooked up to a ventilator.  She was wracked with infections and dying of AIDs and hepatitis.  A Bible verse came to Dr. Crandall’s mind, “We live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Cor. 5:7) He gave her the best of medicine and the best of heaven as he began to pray for her to live.  Three weeks later, Michelle was off the ventilator and experienced a spiritual transformation that exceeded her physical one.  Medical evidences of life after death were opening up and showing Dr. Crandall there was a God in heaven, but he was still in scientific observation mode.  “The more I looked, the more I saw,” he says.  “Eventually on a very subtle and sublime level, God started drawing me in.”

“I see evidences of the next realm all the time,” says Dr. Crandall.  “But to me, we are already touching heaven, or rather it is touching us.”  When one of his twin sons, Chad, was diagnosed with leukemia, Dr. Crandall says extra portions of heaven’s assurance and peace came right down in the middle of their turmoil.  “Having a son with leukemia activated my faith like nothing else had, making me vividly aware of the reality and presence of heaven,” says Dr. Crandall.  “It accelerated my spiritual growth.”  By 2003, Dr. Crandall says he was touched by the fire of God.  He was praying for and with his patients and his son.  “The more I invited heaven into the operating and exam room, the more healing power I have seen at work and the more others have recognized the hand of God,” he says.  After Chad passed away in 2004, Dr. Crandall would hit low points in his life.  “I took off to the mission field to a third world hospital,” says Dr. Crandall.  “As I did the work of the Lord, the glory of God would come on me.  It was something I would do frequently for the first three years after Chad died.  If I did the work of the Lord, there was an exchange that I would get His glory, His peace and His joy.” 


In 2006, Dr. Crandall was the senior cardiologist at the ER at Palm Beach Hospital when 53-year-old Jeff Markin had a massive heart attack and died.  Dr. Crandall, who had already pronounced the time of death, came back to the room and prayed, asking ER staff to shock him one more time.  After using paddles on him, the EKG leads registered a perfect heartbeat!  Dr. Crandall says the story and re-enactment The 700 Club did with Jeff about him coming back to life has gone around the world.  A few years ago, Dr. Crandall was speaking at a conference for the underground Pentecostal church in Vietnam.  “They thought Jesus was only for the poor people,” he says.  After seeing The 700 Club video of Jeff coming back to life, they saw the reality of God on the life of a professional.  “That story changed the underground church in Vietnam,” says Dr. Crandall. 

Jeff became a believer after his experience with death and has since attended Bible study.  He is a leader in his local church and has remarried.  “His whole life is restored,” says Dr. Crandall. 

Dr. Crandall says it is important for believers to remember that we have the ability to call down the kingdom of heaven.  “We don’t have to wait.  We have the ability to call heaven down and walk in His fullness,” he says.  “When I walk in a room with illness, the kingdom of God goes with me.”

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