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Author of Designing Your Dream: Discovering the Destiny That’s Been Fashioned for You! (2015)

Celebrity stylist for O, the Oprah magazine and People Stylewatch

Launched Boho magazine

Academy Awards attendee



Guest Bio

Don’t Be Afraid to Live Your Dreams A BRIGHT BEGINNING

Gina has been a dreamer since she was a little girl. She always wanted to do two things: work in the fashion industry and help others.  When she grew up, she eventually did both. She became a fashion stylist, working at Nordstrom, Niemen Marcus, and Bloomingdales. In 2000, she started her own company, called The Style Doctor.  At the website, she answered fashion-related questions and gave advice. Soon after starting the company, Gina began to receive questions from girls considering suicide, and self-injury. “Helping people solve their fashion and beauty dilemmas opened up a forum for them to trust me,” said Gina.

Gina’s success didn’t stop there. Soon after launching, Gina became a celebrity stylist. She worked for clients like O Magazine, MTV, ABC, CBS, and Stylewatch. She was very successful, but she had one more goal. She wanted to start her own magazine. In 2008, she launched Boho. The magazine eventually sold in 37 countries on magazine racks next to heavy hitting publications like Vogue and O.


Later in 2012 Gina went through a heartwrenching divorce, plus the magazine grew too big too fast. As a result, she dealt with anxiety and depression. She lost her drive, her creativity and her passion for her work.  One day, as she sat on the floor in her home, she was overcome with sadness. Through her tears, she told God, “I am such a mess, I am so sorry.” She says God responded to her by showing her a picture of a tee-shirt. On the back, the shirt said “mess.” Gina said God showed her that the “mess” in her life was behind her. All of the pain would stay in her past. On the front, the shirt said the words, “victor” and “overcomer” in the shape of a cross. Gina says God showed her that “From this day forward everything would change.”  Gina accepted that in Christ, she is a victor and an overcomer. She says after that, her dreams started coming back. She began to regain her creativity, and saw herself change from a caterpillar into butterfly.


Gina says there are several concepts that will help you design your dream. Some of them are:

Your Dream Isn’t Only About You (p.21)- While your dream will be your main goal in life, it’s important to note that they affect others. Gina said, “Dreams solve a problem for someone else.” Much like Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa’s dreams helped those in need, your dream will “leave a legacy”  in the way it helps others.

Career vs. Calling (p. 23)- There's a difference: one points to your destiny; one prepares you for it. While your career is what you do for money, your calling is “where your talents and burdens collide. ” The calling is what God put in us from birth to accomplish.     

Failing Forward (p.81)- Failure isn't the opposite of success, it's part of it! Although no one likes to fail, sometimes failing is necessary to learn the lesson that will propel you into your destiny. Some of the greatest people in their fields have had substantial failures. Abraham Lincoln, R.H. Macy, Walt Disney, and Thomas Edison all overcame  significant failures and used the lessons to succeed at their goals.


Gina is currently working on designing a handbag collection to help fight trafficking by fusing fashion and faith. She works with the Saving Innocence charity in LA. The charity has  rescued more than 1000 kids aged 16 and below who were being  trafficked. Saving Innocence puts kids in a rehabilitation program that teaches them to use their gifts in preparation to join the workforce. She hopes that through the arts and business, these children will gain freedom.

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