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Guy Gilchrist



Worked with Jim Henson’s Muppets and Muppet babies

Worked with Looney Tunes, Pink Panther, Tom & Jerry, Fraggle Rock

Has been the Syndicated Cartoonist for Nancy and Sluggo since 1995

Married with two children

Guest Bio

Cartoonist Draws Inspiration from Faith

The 700 Club

Guy Gilchrist grew up in a poor family and was abused as a child. He wrote a personal song which was more of a poem describing his sorrow and how much he missed not having a Dad at the time. He says he used to walk into the woods and ask himself. “Why is this happening to me?” That was when he realized that he has a Father in heaven and called him the man in the sky. From then on, Guy learned to do the things that make him happy and make others smile. Guy says he also found this “father” in Roy Rogers.

Guy used to watch “The Roy Rogers Show” and these cowboys were his heroes. He says, “There was lots of say your prayers, make your bed, be a good boy or girl and it’s the typical good wins over bad.” Everytime something bad happened to him or he wanted to look up to someone, Guy would ask himself, “What would Roy Rogers do?” Inspired by the 1960’s Saturday morning show, Guy always did the right thing and made the right decisions. Later in life, when Roy Rogers released a book, he found out that he was a Christian and was a devout believer in Christ. This helped him know that he was attracted to Roy Rogers because he had Christ in him. Guy also said that he found a father in Roy Roders and was able to take comfort in him.

When Guy was little, his mom used to put a newspaper on the table of the diner she used to work at and asked him to draw everything on the comics section. That’s how he started to draw and says, “my mother was giving me the tools that I was going to need. God was working through her even though she did not know it.” Right out of high school, Guy began drawing for children’s books and weekly reader books. At 24, he worked with Jim Henson on the Muppets and Muppet babies. He then branched out to draw the characters of the Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny), Tom and Jerry, and the Pink Panther. Guy never learned to draw at College or Art School. He taught himself and got some help from professionals. Though he never had a formal education, Guy started teaching kids how to draw.

Although Guy was a good person, he did not commit his life to Christ. He says that God spoke to him in bits and pieces but he never had a relationship with Christ. It was after his first divorce that he realized he needed Jesus badly. After the divorce, Guy was about to lose his kids. So one day, he got down on his knees and cried out to God saying, “Show me what to do. I don’t want to lose my children.” That was the beginning of his relationship with God. Guy felt a change of heart and committed his life to Christ. Guy was able to keep his kids, get married again and have an incredible wife. Guy says God blessed him so much that he now has a grand-daughter as well. Since then, Guy has worked to have a strong relationship with Christ.

Guy is now the writer and artist for Nancy and Sluggo. The Nancy character was created in 1933 and became popular by 1938. It is a faith based cartoon strip which teaches kids about love, second chances and forgiveness. In the comics, Nancy is an orphan and only has an aunt. The stories are about how she relies on her faith and makes the right decisions at the end of the day. Just like Roy Rogers brought Guy to Christ, Guy hopes that Nancy comics will inspire kids to accept Christ. He wants the kids to do good things and let Jesus be their hero.

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