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Daughter of Hank Williams, Jr.

Granddaughter of country music legend Hank WIlliams

Guest Bio

Hilary's Trip to Heaven

By The 700 Club


In spring 2006, Hilary was 27 years old.  She and her sister, Holly, were on their way to their maternal grandfather’s funeral.  Hilary was driving down a country road in rural Mississippi when suddenly the wheel of her truck got caught in a deep rut in the road. 

She lost control of the vehicle and the truck flipped over four times before landing in a field.  Hilary hung upside down from her seatbelt and everything went black. 

“I thought I was blind.  I was terrified,” says Hilary.  Holly was the lucky one.  She only suffered a broken wrist, cuts and bruises. 

Hilary says her life flashed before her eyes and she remembers thinking she didn’t want to die.  She cried out to God,” You’ve got to help us! Please send your angels.”  The next thing Hilary remembers is a man talking to her who tried to keep her awake. 

Soon several people stopped including a physical therapist and a preacher and his wife.    The preacher’s wife stayed with Hilary, then prayed with her mother out loud on the phone until the paramedics arrived.  It took nearly 30 minutes for the ambulance to get there and when the jaws of life finally freed Hilary from the wreckage, she had lost six pints of blood. 

Hilary was in shock and barely breathing.  She suffered two broken legs, several broken ribs, a ruptured colon and bruised lungs.  Her back, collarbone, tailbone, pelvis and right femur were shattered.  Her hips were crushed. Her blood pressure dropped to 55/0 and she felt like she was drowning.  Hilary lost consciousness.  As the EMTs scrambled to stabilize her in the middle of the muddy field, Hilary’s spirit left her body.


As the EMTs worked on her, Hilary says her spirit came out of her body, softly and peacefully.  Soon she was hovering over the scene, looking down on the cars and people below.  Her pain and panic disappeared.  “I felt completely peaceful,” says Hilary.  “It was a complete peace, the most joyful feeling I have ever known.” 

Hilary says an angel took her hand and she looked up.  She saw a gold mansion that looked like it was trimmed with icing.  “It was sparkling, gleaming and glittering,” she says.  “I can’t begin to describe the vibrant, kaleidoscope colors I saw.  It was so crazy.” 

Then Hilary saw her dad’s best friend, Merle Kilgore, who passed away the year before.  She says he looked wonderful, not sickly like he did before he died from lung cancer.  Then Hilary saw Johnny and June Carter Cash, her dad’s godparents.  “Johnny was playing the guitar and June was playing the harpsichord.  The music was gorgeous,” says Hilary. 

Hilary kept trying to talk, but no one responded to her.  “There was no sense of frustration or sense of loss.  It felt amazing – so much joy,” says Hilary.  She looked over and saw her grandparents, Hank and Audrey, who died before she was born.  Hank smiled, put his arm around Audrey and turned to walk away.  As she watched them go, Hilary knew she wouldn’t be going with them.  “Then, as quickly as it lifted, my spirit came back down and I returned to my body,” she says.  After her pulse returned, Hilary became conscious again. 

Hilary underwent 23 painful surgeries. While she was in the hospital, a friend called The 700 Club to have the counselors pray for Hilary.  Along with her mother’s constant prayer, she credits prayers from 700 Club phone counselors with getting her though the difficult nights. 

It has been a long journey, but Hilary is happy to be alive.  Today she walks without a cane though one leg is a little shorter than the other.  She was reluctant to share her vision of heaven at first. 

In the hospital, Hilary read Don Piper’s book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, but she says she didn’t’die like he did since she was never pronounced dead.  This experience has left Hilary more mature spiritually and helped her realign her priorities. “I want people to know there is a heaven and to not give up hope.  There were times that I was down and out, but I tried to keep my faith and stay strong and keep positive,” says Hilary.

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