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Medical School, Silesian Warinski Medical School, Poland, 1980

Residency, General Surgery, Fairview General Hospital, Cleveland, OH 1983-85

Residency, Anesthesia, Huron Road Hospital, Cleveland, OH (subspecialty, Cardio-thoracic Anesthesia and Pain Management), 1986-88

South West General Hospital Alternative Medicine Program, 1992-99

Private Practice, 1999 – Present, Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture and Energy Medicine, Rocky River, OH

Has been featured on Dr. Oz

Wife: Kathy


Guest Bio

Dr. Issam Nemeh: Healing Touch

By The 700 Club

CBN.comWhen Dr. Nemeh was 15 years old, he had a vision that he would share his gift of faith with thousands, but first he would have to form a solid base for his ministry with a medical practice.  Today he is a physician licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio with specialties in anesthesiology and general surgery. 

Midway through his career, he switched to the practice of Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture (MRA).  MRA is different than traditional Chinese acupuncture.  It consists of 2 parts: a diagnostic procedure and a treatment procedure.  The diagnosis involves measuring the electrical resistance of the body at different points on the skin, known as meridian points.  These measurements are graphed and treatment is performed with a small needle temporarily inserted for a few seconds.

Dr. Nemeh says he made the career change because he felt the Lord tell him this new practice would give him one-on-one time to work on people.  His practice grew by word of mouth from his patients who told stories of their healings to friends and family.  Dr. Nemeh says he only prays with the patients who ask him to and is quick to give the credit to God.  “I don’t do the healing,” says Dr. Nemeh.  “It’s Jesus.  It’s the Holy Spirit.” Many of his patients are oblivious to the fact that Dr. Nemeh is already praying for them.  “Prayer is non-stop,” he says. 


In 2004, a Cleveland news anchor, Ted Henry, heard the rumblings about healings taking place after a doctor prayed for his patients.  Intrigued by his initial investigation, Ted broke the story and reported information on the next healing service at the end of his broadcast.  Over 7,000 people showed up.

Six days a week, Dr. Nemeh combines acupuncture and prayer for his patients and his Sundays are spent standing for nine hours in churches and meeting halls without a break at healing services.  Tens of thousands of people have experienced physical, emotions and spiritual changes since Dr. Nemeh opened his practice in 1992. 

Cancer tumors vanish, vision is restored, and other dramatic healings take place after Dr. Nemeh prays for people. He says these healings and miracles are manifestations or demonstrations of God’s presence.  Basically they are proof that God is closer to us than we think and that He walks beside us in everything we do.  It is Dr. Nemeh’s desire to see people grow closer to the Lord as a result of their healing. 

Dr. Nemeh starts every prayer by requesting the assistance of the Holy Spirit, who he says is the mover in healings much like Jesus is the way to the Father.  He says when a healing takes place, he knows right away.  Sometimes he even knows before the healing takes place.  Dr. Nemeh, who is Catholic, says he has faith in an all-loving God.  Those who are not believers in the Holy Trinity are just as entitled to a miraculous healing as those who are Christian.  He simply surrenders himself as a tool that God uses to obtain a relationship with each of His children.

Since 2005, at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Garfield Heights, OH thousands of people have been gathering to seek their miracle.  Today they hold healing services in various locations around the country. At every healing service, Dr. Nemeh prays with every individual who attends. For more information on healing service dates and times, please visit  For office appointments and medical treatments, office visits with Dr. Nemeh are currently booked four months out. 

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