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Jack Hayford


Best selling author, Penetrating the Darkness (coauthor, daughter Rebecca Hayford Bauer) (2011)

Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

Founder & Chancellor, The King’s University, formerly called the King’s College & Seminary

Served as fourth President of The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

Penned more than 50 books and composed 600 hymns and choruses, including the internationally known and widely recorded "Majesty”

Married to Anna for more than fifty years

4 adult children and 11 grandchildren

BA, Azusa Pacific College

B. Th, LIFE Bible College

Hon. Doctorates from ORU, LIFE, etc.     

Guest Bio

Dr. Jack Hayford: Defeating Evil with Prayer

The 700 Club

Pastor Jack Hayford details his personal battle plan for unleashing God's power and defeating hell on earth. He explains how embracing the power of the cross allows you to develop a powerful prayer life, engage in effective intercession, understand the weapons in your arsenal, and confront - and defeat – evil. He says, "Nothing has more greatly shaped the experiences and events of my life than prayer: personal prayer, public prayer gatherings, pointed and focused prayer, passionate prayer, and power-filled, Spirit-energized prayer!" Jesus taught that praying goes beyond the habits of multitudes who, when they do pray, are exercising something more akin to rubbing a rabbit's foot—a hope heavenward that "something good will happen" or "this awful thing will go away."

Pastor Jack explains how to: develop powerful devotional habits, engage in intercession, plead the blood of Christ, understand the correct use of binding and loosing, confront evil, and learn why some prayers don't succeed.

Pastor Jack shares about a season in his life when his prayer time had been so deeply influenced by new dimensions of worship and intercession that he altered his daily devotional time with God. The Lord confronted him and said, "You have forgotten the habit of daily devotional prayer." Although Jack was interceding, he was not giving himself to the daily intimacy of time with Jesus. Jack knew that Jesus was inviting him to return to his daily relational time. Jack learned the importance of renewing the simplicity and intimacy of relationship with God, which equipped him for spiritual warfare. He offers the following advice:

• Set the "practicals" into place - set aside time for devotions, but not a specific duration of time.
• Present yourself to the Lord with thanksgiving and praise
• Present your heart to Him to be cleansed.
• Present your day to the Lord as a sacrifice.
• Present your reach – pray for family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

Jack Hayford first experienced the power of God when he was a baby. He was gripped by a life-threatening illness but because of the earnest prayers of friends and family he was miraculously healed. The doctors had no other explanation except that the grace of God snatched him from the brink of death. Several years later, Jack was struck down with polio. The church elders anointed him and prayed for his recovery and he was healed. These two extraordinary events ignited a passion in Jack's heart for God and convinced him that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the contemporary church.

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