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Keith Craft


Senior Pastor of Elevate Life Church heading 4000 people

Author of Your Divine Fingerprint: The force that makes you unstoppable (2013)

Previous corporate coach to Rodman Corporation, Strategist and leader of

Graduated from Evangel University in 1982

Married to Sheila Craft with three children

Guest Bio

Get to Know Your Divine Fingerprint

Keith Craft is the senior pastor of Elevate Life church in Frisco, Texas. He ministers to a diverse congregation who attends the services every Sunday and helps them find out the calling that God has for them.

Keith was influenced to help people find their purpose, as he grew up in a policeman’s home. His father was a crime scene investigator and often emphasizerd the importance of fingerprints. This was in Keith’s mind constantly, leading him to think about how his own fingerprints are different from every other person. Keith says God really began to speak to him about finding his fingerprint and to know what separates him from others. Keith was able to find his uniqueness from his fingerprint and is now leading others to find theirs.

Keith’s vision, also his fingerprint, is to build a generation with a biblical worldview who lead lives that are pleasing to God whether it is in their work, family or society.

In “Your Divine Fingerprint,” Keith talks about the uniqueness of every fingerprint. He says 99 percent of every person’s DNA is the same except for that one percent which makes us different. That one percent is what God wants to use, to exhibit the glory that He has instilled in us. Keith says we can display this glory by our thought, words and actions. His motto is ‘Think, be, do.’ We can glorify God by thinking His thoughts, speaking the right things and doing what He wants us to do is what he believes in.

This all leads to the core values that Keith says we need to have. Our core values are what define us. It is very much related to the one percent that defines us. Our actions, words and thoughts are what define us. These things are what attract our friends, family and all other relationships. Whoever values the same things we do, are the ones who will be attracted to us.

Another principle that leads us to finding our uniqueness is leadership. Leadership that Keith talks about is transformational leadership and servant leadership. Transformational leadership is being responsible enough to lead yourself, so that you can lead others. Servant leadership is leading by humility. Keith says, greatness comes from serving others just like Jesus washed the feet of Peter. We need to be like Jesus to serve the least in order to attain the greatness that is instilled in us.

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