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Actress Lori Loughlin: Balancing Family, Faith, and Career

Produced by Julie Blim
Interview by Scott Ross
The 700 Club

CBN.comLori Loughlin endeared herself to milllions of TV viewers in the 80s & 90s as “Rebecca” on the hit show Full House. Since then, her acting resume has grown steadily ….

Scott: Lori, you’ve been an actress for how long?

Lori:  I’ve been acting for over 30 years.

Scott: You said that out loud. [Lori: I did.] How did you get into the “biz” of acting?

Lori: Well, I started out modeling. And my father said two things: You have to keep your grades up at school. And if I see any change in your attitude, like I’m pulling you from this. And I thank them for that.  And then I started doing commercials.  and how I started my career was on daytime television, a soap opera called The Edge of Night.

Scott: And from that job to what?

Lori:  A film called Secret Admirer, a film called Rad… projects for PBS, some TV movies.  And then when I was about 23, I got Full House.  And I remember going to my agent and saying, you’ve got to get me a job because I’m like, I just paid my rent and I’m very low on cash.  And he said, well, there’s six episodes of this show called Full House. Will that get you by?  And I went and auditioned and then I was brought back for the producers and I auditioned with John Stamos. And they signed me for six episodes. And I ended up staying for seven years.

Scott: Six episodes turned into seven years. What made the show so successful? 

Lori: Well, a couple things, I think. It was a cute show, and it was funny. I think the cast genuinely, we have a real love for each other, and we do till this day. And because the morals are right, there’s a message to –in every episode, you know, how to be a good person, how to be a better person, right from wrong. It’s a good message.

Those same standards have guided Lori’s career choices ever since.  

Scott:  There’s something I want to talk about because you’re in an industry that crosses the line morally, ethically, in so many ways. And, as I understand it, you’re a person of faith?

Lori: I do believe in God. I was raised Catholic.

Scott:  Okay, how does that affect your choices in what you do?

Lori: For me personally, I was always very thoughtful about projects that I chose for myself. I would say to myself, “Can my father watch this?”  If my father couldn’t watch it, I didn’t do it. And then when I had children … I always thought, I don’t want to do anything that one day might rear its ugly head and my children have to pay the price for that.

Scott: You’re married. [Lori: I am.] How long?

Lori: Moss and I have been married, 16—over 16 years.

Scott:  And what does he do?

Lori: He’s a clothing designer. His name is Mossimo, he has a line at Target.

Scott: How do you maintain the balance of being a wife, a mother of two girls…

Lori: Two girls and a boy.

Scott:  And two girls that are teenagers. [Lori: Teenagers, yes. 14 & 15] Let us pray. [Lori: Yes, please.] And –and all the other responsibilities you have?

Lori:  Well, it’s challenging and you go day by day. I’m very lucky that when I’m in Vancouver working, my husband, their dad, is around and he’s with them. So they’re—they always have a parent with them 24/7. And we tag team very well, my husband and I.

Lori’s most recent project was the series When Calls the Heart , whereshe played Abigail Stanton, a 1910 coal miner’s widow.  It wasa huge hit for the Hallmark Channel.

Scott: Do you have any sense it’s going to last seven years?

Lori: Oh my goodness, well, from your lips to God’s ears, as they say. But um, [Scott: Would you want that?] I really do love this show. I think that this show has –I think it’s a great family show. I think its heart is in the right place.

Scott: What’s the essence of it?

Lori: The essence of it is faith. It’s morals, it’s community.

Scott: How do you, adapt to a character that lived a 100 years or so ago?

Lori: That’s one of the things I love about being an actress is you get to use your imagination and be—and be childlike again in that way. And here you have like the wardrobe and the sets and the props, it’s—it’s great fun, actually.  And for my character, it’s a journey about starting over and finding your purpose in life, and having faith and through adversity, you know, pushing through and finding the joy in life again.

Scott: Do you feel like in your life that God has directed your steps into the kinds of things that you love doing and fit into a character like this.

Lori: Oh, it’s interesting. Well, yes  I’d have to say I’m definitely that person steps back and says, I know we’re going to work this out.  Like it’s going to work out and I know you’ve got my back. 

Scott: So, you pray?

Lori: I do pray. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Scott: Slight change of subject-  I understand that you have an interest in Israel.

Lori: I’ve been to Israel, yes

Scott: What were your impressions of Israel upon your arrival there?

Lori: Oh, I thought the people were amazing in Israel. I thought they were just so lovely. ….you know, listen, they’re over there in this war zone, and…. just want to be a peaceful nation, and yet you’re always being dragged in.  so I think that any support that they get from other nations is so imperative and important to them.

Scott: Did it affect your life?

Lori: You know, it’s pretty powerful when you’re on the tours and you’re getting the history of the Bible and where Jesus appeared, after he was resurrected. It’s pretty –it’s pretty powerful.

Scott:  How long do you want to remain an actress; you will be a wife and a mother forever.

Lori: I think wife and mother is definitely my priority.  For me, I love what I do. And if I could do it till I took my last breath, I would be really happy, really happy -  doing projects of course that want to do.

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