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Marybeth Hicks


Author, latest, Teachable Moments (2014)

Founder/Editor of the blog

Columnist whose  "Teachable Moments" column is featured in Catholic Digest magazine

Appeared on Fox and Friends, CBS Evening News, etc.

Featured weekly on EWTN Radio's Son Rise Morning Show with Matt Swaim

Former culture columnist for the The Washington Times (nine years)

Graduated from Michigan State University

Serves on the advisory board of the Parents Television Council

Married to Jim

Four children

Guest Bio

Marybeth Hicks: Teachable Moments

The 700 Club

“There’s no way to avoid the intrusion of culture into our homes and families, but we don’t have to let these instances exploit and influence our children,” shares Marybeth. “Instead, we can use those unplanned opportunities to instill conscience, character and faith into the hearts and minds of the children God has entrusted to our care.” Marybeth says the key for parents is to find “teachable moments” throughout the day to educate kids and start conversations about Christian values and their place in modern-day society. She offers the following strategies to help parents:

It’s easy to blame the media for all the social and cultural ills around us. However, the media can also be a tool to teach and promote the lessons children need to live moral and faithful lives. “As Christians, we’re called to integrate our media consumption into our lives in ways that support our faith and values, and not as a perpetual temptation or an avenue of corruption. Parents can impart influential life lessons when we look for teachable moments in and around our use of media,” reveals Marybeth. She offers the following advice to help parents when navigating through media situations with your children:

“In the end, you’ll never know which moments mattered the most in your child’s life. Through the years, I’ve delivered what I thought were monologues of maternal greatness that I know my kids tuned out, while my comments made in passing were often the very coaching or encouragement they needed to imprint their hearts with a lesson borne of love,” shares Marybeth. God asks us to mold and form our children to live moral lives that fulfill his purposes for them. Proverbs 22:6 reminds us, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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