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Paul Wilbur: Celebrating a Life of Worship

Music Album


Author, Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom 

Latest CD, Revive

Messianic worship leader

Dove award nominee

Sold over 1.5 million albums

Founder of Wilbur Ministries

Recorded 20 projects with Integrity Music in four different languages

Married to Luanne

Two adult children: Nathan, his wife Malki and Joel, his wife Sharon

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In Touching the Heart of God, Paul Wilbur primarily deals with what he calls the “Calendar of the Kingdom,” which is a biblical schedule of work, rest, and worship that has been established by God. Paul says the Kingdom of God is like every kingdom, in that there is a calendar. The calendar tracks the timing of events in the Kingdom of God, and marks celebrations, times of mourning, challenges, seasons, etc.

This is already happening on a global scale.  Christians around the world celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, the Passover Celebration, and other traditions on the Jewish calendar. Paul says celebrating this way is a privilege of Kingdom membership. As Christians, we get to celebrate with the king!

Paul believes we should reestablish these calendar events as a regular part of the believer’s life today. The book, he says, is an encouragement to the Church to embrace the calendar of the Kingdom of God. He says for Christians to participate in the Kingdom calendar, it means recognizing that the Kingdom is inclusive, not exclusive. Both Jews and Gentiles are a part of biblical history. For example, the events Moses participated in are a part of Jewish history as well as Christian history.  Paul says the seasons that Jesus himself celebrated are good and healthy for us (Christians) to celebrate.       


Paul Wilbur Ministries recently released Paul’s latest cd, Revive, which consists of some of his most popular worship songs, but with what he describes as “a brand new feel.” In his song, He Shall Reign, Paul describes Jesus as a king. He says describing Him, as “a king” vs. “The King” is important, because the latter leaves the door open for unbelievers to ask more about Christ.  Although all of the songs focus on the scripture written by the prophets, they also describe the coming of the Lord. In this way, the events the prophets wrote about thousands of years ago are relevant today.


In the mid-seventies Paul was a young college student studying to be an opera singer and cantor. In Judaism, a cantor leads liturgical prayer and chanting during the service. While he was pursuing his Master’s degree, Paul recalls when he would ask a girl out for a date they would invite him to go to church. During one of those church dates Paul met a man named Jerry Williams. Jerry’s passion for the Lord as he sang drew Paul back to church week after week. Soon, Paul joined a Bible study in his graduate dorm eager to know more about the God of the Bible. A few weeks later on a fishing trip with Jerry, Paul became a Christian and his life took him in a radically new direction.
He started Harvest, an early Jesus Movement band, and then formed Israel’s Hope, dedicated to bringing the message of the gospel back to the Jewish people. In 1994, Paul finished his fourth year at Midwest Christian Center in Tinley Park, Illinois when the Lord spoke to him very clearly and said, “Ask of me and I will give you the nations.” After much prayer and fasting, Paul and his wife left their local ministry to answer the call of God to the nations. They sold their home, cars, furniture and Baldwin piano. Then they received a call from Don Moen of Integrity Music. Don wanted Paul to record a new project in the land of Israel. The breakout recording, “Shalom Jerusalem was recorded live in 1995. Then Don asked Paul to do a two-week tour with him in the Philippines. That was the beginning of Paul’s international, cross-cultural, multi lingual ministry that continues to this day.

“The heart of worship is communication from our hearts to God. You can’t expect people to reach out to God in a language they can’t understand. Our goal quickly became to carry the music, message and ministry of the Kingdom to the nations in their own language,” shares Paul. Some of his other releases such as 2005’s “The Watchman,” 2008’s “Paul Wilbur Live and 2010’s acclaimed “Desert Rain,” were often recorded in a variety of languages. Paul uses the universal language of music to proclaim God’s love for His people. He says, “Singing songs in different language can be challenging at times, but when you are passionate about something it makes the work light.” To date, Paul and his team have recorded twenty projects with Integrity in four different languages (English, Spanish, German and Portuguese). He says, “I am humbled that the Lord trusts me with these opportunities.”


Paul first led worship for Rosh Hashanah at CBN in 2008. He says it has been a “great honor” to lead worship for this celebration. Paul appreciates the way Pat affirms this celebration for Messianic believers each year with such honor. Year after year, worship has been the focal point of this event. “Pat’s vision for this celebration has impacted millions around the world,” shares Paul.
Rosh Hashanah will be streamed on Once again, Paul and his band will be performing at CBN’s Rosh Hashanah event this Sunday, Sept 13, 2015.  This will be streamed live at 7:00 pm ET.

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