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Louise DuArt and SQuire Rushnell


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When God Winks on Love
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SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt: Love and 'Godwinks'

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The first time SQuire saw Louise was in Madison Square Garden. Louise was playing the part of Witchiepoo in Kroffts' H.R. Puf-n-Stuf road show. Not long after that, SQuire began working with the Kroffts on a Saturday morning block of programs on ABC. He cast Louise as a comedienne, which was her first big break on TV. Weeks later, they met for the first time, and over the course of the next 30 years, SQuire and Louise, both married to other people at the time, ran into each other at various ABC affiliate events.

Several years had passed and SQuire's marriage had broken up. Once, on a last minute visit to New York City, SQuire caught a musical and realized Louise was the star. He met with Louise backstage for coffee after the show and discovered the musical had been cancelled. This had been the last show. When SQuire asked Louise how her husband was, he was startled. Louise's husband had left her for another woman. Later that day, SQuire found out that Louise called her mother and said, "I met the man I'm going to marry." Four years later, that's exactly what happened.


SQuire says that while it took a long time to fall into place, he is clear that jamming together two pieces of a puzzle together never results in true happiness. "As Louise and I look at our lives through the long lens of time, we have to admit that God has had a lot of patience with us and our choices," says SQuire. When comparing notes recently, SQuire and Louise realized that there were many "Godwinks" that prepared them for their destinies and eventual marriage. SQuire defines "Godwinks" as answers to prayer, or coincidences.

Louise dreamed of being in show business. SQuire dreamed of being in broadcasting. In their twenties, both of them read and were impacted by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's book The Power of Positive Thinking. (Today both are on the board of Guideposts Publications, founded by Dr. Peale.) When reflecting on the parallel tracks leading them toward an ultimate intersection, Louise and SQuire realized they knew the same people. Louise was discovered at a comedy clubs bar where Star Search scouts were auditioning someone else. While Louise was doing her Star Search performance, Donna Summer happened to tune in. She called Louise to become her opening act, and Louise traveled on the road with her for two years. Meanwhile, SQuire met Donna under different circumstances.

In a musical video SQuire created for ABC called Kingdom Chums, he befriended Tony Orlando, who sang and provided the voice for the lead character. Louise, it turns out, was introduced to Tony through Donna Summer. Louise and Tony were performing in Atlantic City at the same time. During the course of a dinner conversation, Tony told Louise that his former TV variety series had just been picked up for rebroadcast by SQuire. Less than eight weeks later, SQuire invited Louise for coffee after her Broadway show in New York City.

After they were married, Louise and SQuire realized more parallels to their lives. They had the exact taste in furniture: English antique. They both collected clocks all of their lives. But what is more important than similar tastes and hobbies is having a rock-solid mutual faith upon which to build a relationship. Their marriage works because they work at it and because God is in the middle. "Why wouldn't it be likely that God has created a perfect design for your life that includes a perfect soul mate?" Squire asks.

He says there are six key words for a successful relationship that spell the word "laughs": Laughter, Appreciate, Understand, God, Hold, and Support.

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