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Author, Divine Alignment (2012)

Former Award Winning Exec., ABC-TV, 20 years

Has been on Nightline, Good Morning America, etc.

Winner of 75 Emmys for ABC After School Specials and Schoolhouse Rock

Former CEO and president of a cable television network


SQuire Rushnell: Divine Alignment

By The 700 Club

“When I left the ABC television network after twenty years, I didn’t as I led many people believe, leave of my own volition, I was fired,” shares SQuire. He says it was a major blow to his ego. So, he never publicly told anyone for years. “My pride caused me to cover up my being fired as a badge of dishonor,” recalls SQuire. His wife, Louise DuArt, whom he refers to as his spiritual guide/writing partner, encouraged him to no longer let his pride cover up a message that God wanted him to share with others.

In his latest book, Divine Alignment, SQuire shares how after leaving ABC he quickly ran through his severance and was left with no income to pay his mortgages and family living expenses. After being turned down for loan applications and told he was not a candidate for bankruptcy, SQuire had no choice but to do the most difficult thing in the world – go to his friends – people he had worked with at ABC – and ask them for a loan. All of his friends helped him out. Things began to pick up for SQuire after his fourth year of departing from ABC when he was offered a position as president and CEO of a small cable television network. He also started writing his first When God Winks book. SQuire was offered a significant advance for the rights to his book by Simon and Schuster. He used that money to repay his friends who had helped him during such a difficult time in his life. By doing so, SQuire was able to unshackle himself from debt and shame and make good on promises to old friends. God was then able to move him forward, to the happiest days of his life.

SQuire says you are not like a twig randomly floating down a stream to destinations unknown. Instead, you are part of an incredible plan that was programmed into your DNA long before you were born. Each of us is born with a built-in GPS – God’s Positioning System. “Through an internal voice of intuition and godwinks we are divinely aligned with people and events that assist us in reaching our destiny and keep us from losing our way. In order to discover the full potential of your own personal GPS, SQuire offers the following advice:

  • Speak with the Navigator – Pray often.
  • Listen to your own inner compass – Listen to the “still small voice” within.
  • Mapping your destination – Write down the direction you believe your destiny is taking you. Then go.
  • Unshackle your baggage – Remove hurtful habits, resentment, and guilt from your life to propel you more quickly to your destination.
  • Step out in faith and believe you’ll arrive - Your destiny will not come to you.
  • Read the signs, recalculate, and accelerate – Godwinks are the reassuring signposts along your path letting you know you’re going in the right direction.
  • Gratefully arrive with a full well within – Express gratitude to the Navigator once you reach a destination then ask what your Navigator wants you to do next.

“Divine Alignment is the principle that we are all connected by invisible threads – godwink by godwink – on a grand GPS, God’s Positioning System,” shares SQuire. One of his lifelong dreams was to become an author and an inspirational speaker. In hindsight, “Getting fired from ABC was like a kick in the pants from the Lord,” reveals SQuire. After leaving ABC he began speaking at every venue possible trying to find his niche. On his fifth appearance at a small church north of New York City SQuire shared the topic: “Coincidence: Is it Evidence of God’s Plan?” The audience was riveted by his message as he shared real-life “coincidence stories.” SQuire knew he had found his niche. He applied the same message to his first God Winks book which was published around the time of 9/11. The book was well received. He then decided to quit his job as president and CEO of a cable television network and follow his destiny which had been embedded in his heart since the 5th grade. SQuire became a full time speaker and author.

“A godwink is what some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you'd say, "Wow, what are the odds of that!" reveals SQuire. A personal “godwink” that SQuire experienced was the birth of his brain-injured son who was born in cardiac arrest. His lungs had become clogged in the womb. The doctors said if he lived, he'd be a vegetable. SQuire prayed for his son around the clock and pleaded with God to save his son. “I witnessed an extraordinary miracle...a powerful godwink,” shares SQuire. During the 39th hour of his son's life he witnessed his son having a seizure. His tiny body began to cast off the blockage in his lungs, sending a dark substance through a transparent tube. He began to breathe more and more on his own. By the time he was 48 hours old, the respirator gauge had dropped to 50%, meaning that he was breathing 50% by himself! Doctors confirmed he would survive, calling him "the miracle baby". SQuire’s son was subsequently diagnosed with brain damage, unable to read or write.  “Yet today he's a sweet, engaging young man who has a wonderful singing voice and musical memory. He's a joy,” reveals SQuire.

Some may say this experience stunted his career growth at the ABC television network by limiting his time, focus, and freedom to travel for the company. However, SQuire refers to himself as an “obnoxious optimist.” He believes the “positive” side of this experience is how from the day of his son's birth, he truly began a deeper relationship with God. And his walk with the Lord has only grown stronger since he met and married Louise and ultimately provided the opportunity to develop the God Winks book series.
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