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Best-selling author, latest, Your Journey with God, (2015)

Founder Wellington Boone Ministries

Chief Prelate of Fellowship of International Churches

Founding Pastor, The Father’s House Church, an international church, Norcross, GA

Former Board of Trustees member for Regent University

Founder, Black America Christian Embassy (BACE)

Nationally recognized platform speaker for Promise Keepers, etc.

Married to Katheryn

Three grown children and seven grandchildren

Guest Bio

Bishop Wellington Boone’s Journey with God  YOUR JOURNEY WITH GOD

When Bishop Boone became a Christian he recalls feeling the power of God’s presence fill his room. In that moment, he cried out to God, “I just want to please you.” He began to feel joy that a holy God had accepted him and he could live for Christ instead of living for the devil as he had been doing. This is how he started his journey with God. “I learned how to become privately devout and develop an intimate relationship with God. Then I began to teach others how to change their lives,” shares Bishop Boone. He says the greatest goal we could ever have is pleasing God, but that takes holiness because His nature is holy. All of us have a sin nature, therefore it is necessary to develop new habits of holiness and become like great Christians in history.”  Bishop Boone offers a consecration journal (at the back of his book) to help you in your journey to learn how to please God. Each day you can read the daily meditation, the Bible, create prayer lists, serve others, and recommit yourself to do the will of God. “Your goal is to put yourself under a devotional accountability and a life lived out before God, relying on your Guide, the Holy Spirit, to bring you into holiness,” shares Bishop Boone. He encourages believers to finish their journal in 30 days straight or keep starting over until they have completed 30 straight days. At the end of 30 days, you can create new habits that will produce godly character, spiritual success with God and man and prayerfully a greater level of personal significance.


Bishop Boone shares how we can take inspiration from many godly people from the Bible and throughout history who also pursued a holy or consecrated life. When you see what God did in these people’s lives when they sought after Him you will believe he can use you as He used them.

Pat Robertson - “I have had an opportunity to watch his life and see his worldwide impact for the Kingdom of God for the past three decades,” shares Bishop Boone. When Pat wrote the book called The Secret Kingdom several years ago he explained that there is a visible and invisible world. If you see the kingdom in prayer and recognize that God has called you to complete a dangerous assignment like the one He gave to Harriet Tubman, you will need the mindset of heaven to stand your ground when others get in your way.

William Carey – This man was called the “father of modern missions” for his tireless efforts and widespread influence on restoring the church’s vision for missions. He believed that unified praying on behalf of others would resolve many of the differences among Christians and bring about a new level of evangelism. The effectiveness of his ministry included India opening to missions, Indians converting to Christ, and Scriptures translated into 40 languages.

Charles Finney – He is known as the American revivalist. He brought about the conversion of half a million people and changed the course of world history through his influence on society. He knew you can study the Bible with your mind, but until you see its application to your heart you will not be driven to change into Christ-likeness.

“God’s highest priority for prayer is that you would spend time with Him alone developing your personal relationship with Him. Out of your relationship comes personal insight, healing, needs met, and growth into Christ-likeness. Also out of your relationship comes answers to prayer on behalf of others. When you know God privately, you know how to please Him openly and how to pray according to His will,” shares Bishop Boone. The following five steps will help you to approach God in prayer in such a way that He will accept you and interact with you in the way that you need: (1) Humble yourself and submit to God; (2) Ask God to judge your heart; (3) Repent of any known sin and receive the cleansing of the blood of Jesus; (4) Forgive others and seek their forgiveness and (5) Obey God

After you know how to approach God in prayer, Bishop Boone offers the following five priorities for personal prayer:

  • Priority 1 – Right Relationship with God – It is important to pray for leaders but your first priority is to get yourself right with God. Bishop Boone says to remember, “You must fight the battle for your soul and relationship with the Father before fighting for your family and the world.”
  • Priority 2 – Family Needs and Destiny – Pray for yourself and your family before praying for those outside the home. “You are responsible under God for maintaining a holy lifestyle and praying for your family,” reveals Bishop Boone.
  • Priority 3 – Fivefold Ministry - We should pray for the Church to have more influence in society by praying for those who lead us in the Church.
  • Priority 4 – Pray for Leaders - Start by praying for those leaders at the local level, then for leaders of the state, nation, and the nations of the world.
  • Priority 5 – Pray for Other Needs – If you want more passion in your prayer life ask God to give you His compassion and you won’t have any trouble thinking about what to say when you pray.


Bishop Boone was ordained into ministry in 1973, the same year that he married his childhood sweetheart, Katheryn, whom he met in Germany during his high school years. He incorporated Living Word Evangelistic Association in 1979, and later changed the name to Wellington Boone Ministries with the encouragement of his leaders. His first church, Manna Christian Fellowship of Richmond, Virginia, was incorporated in 1985. The Fellowship of International Churches was started in 1994 when the founding pastors conferred on Pastor Boone the title of Bishop. The Bishop’s goal is to please God by a lifestyle of holiness and humility, to teach and preach who God is through study and revelation from the Word of God, and to reproduce himself through planting churches and making disciples. He relates to pastors and leaders as a father to his children. In time, they come of age as leaders themselves and plant their own churches and establish ministries. For more than forty years, Boone has been developing strong leaders in ministry and the marketplace with programs such as Global Outreach Campus Ministries, Network of Politically Active Christians, and Goshen Learning Centers in South Africa.

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