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Making the Rounds with Dr. Travis Stork

By Mia Evans-Saracual
The 700 Club

CBN.comThe doctor is in! Dr. Travis Stork of ABC's The Bachelor and now The Doctors is busy making rounds on TV and in the E.R. at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. Recently he took time out to offer women some important advice on maintaining good health.

Dr. Travis Stork: You have to take care of yourself, a little bit of TLC, whether it’s a 10-minute daily walk that’s just for you or five minutes out of your day where you shut the door and take some for yourself. Your family needs you, but they need you to be at your best.  Don’t ever feel guilty as a woman taking time out of your schedule for you.

Along with regular relaxation, Dr. Stork prescribes a daily dose of physical activity.

Mia Evans-Saracual: It’s easy to think, ‘I don’t need to exercise. My weight’s under control.’

Stork: Being thin is not what’s important.  Being active is, because every time you’re active, you’re giving your heart a workout.  If you have a child, put them in the baby stroller. Take them out on that walk with you. We’ve done a lot of stuff on The Doctors with resistance bands.  Even if you’re at home doing laundry, you can grab the jug of Tide and do arm curls.  There’s always chances to add activity to your life.

The doctor says prevention is key.

Dr. Stork: [For] women who are pre-menopausal, it’s important that you’re getting your annual gynecologic check-ups.  Women, as you get into your 60s, need to pay attention to osteoporosis. But the problem with osteoporosis is a lot of people don’t know they have it until they suffer their first fracture.  The mortality after a hip fracture is so high, a lot of people never get back to where they were before the fracture.  It’s all about prevention. Obviously you want to get enough calcium and vitamin D particularly as we get older.

The most important thing is staying active, particularly with resistance training. Believe it or not, walking is resistance training.  That impact on your bones keeps your bones healthy.  Keep them alive and bones turn over.  Bones are living tissue.

Dr. Stork encourages women to know the warning signs of a heart attack.

Evans-Saracual: What are the most medical symptoms not to ignore?

Dr. Stork: With women, I have to say it medical symptoms can be harder.  A woman who’s having a heart attack is not going to come in with a classic chest pain, chest pressure. Women exhibit symptoms quite a bit differently but here’s what’s great about women.  I think women pay attention to their bodies a little bit more than men do. So as a woman you may have nausea, vomiting,  a little bit of chest pain, maybe some pain going down your arm, and a little bit light-headed. You have to pay attention.  If something’s not right, call your doctor.  If something’s really not right, go to the E.R., because women are almost always right. They are almost always right when it comes to their kids too.  Mother’s intuition.  It truly exists.

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