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Signs and Wonders in Provincetown, Massachusetts

By Pierre Joseph with Scott Ross
The 700 Club

CBN.comThe perfect time: a crowded weekend. The perfect place: the Pilgrim Monument Park facing the town square in Provincetown, Massachusetts, out at the tip of old Cape Cod. A series of musical concerts had been scheduled for a number of days in this historic town.

Musicians, Ted Sandquist and Phil Keaggy were scheduled to play a musical concert at the base of the monument depicting the first Pilgrims to America, signing the Mayflower Contract, a covenant between God and man. A giant granite block backdrop in the shape of a semicircle acted as a "gigundo" speaker, directing the sound of the music into the busiest section of town.

The weather had been perfect for the first two nights of concerts. The music was powerful, the acoustics ideal.

However, the final night of the concert series, it rained -- poured -- with high velocity winds. How could this be? If God had indeed ordained these outdoor meetings, why then would He make it impossible? The answer was simple. To prove to all who had ears to hear or eyes to see that He alone is the God of the impossible.

As it was with their spiritual forefathers, it was determined that Ross and his small company, should just pray, trust God in faith, and be obedient and set up the equipment in spite of the storm.

Obedient or fools?

To those that observed, the word was fools! Who but fools would set up high powered electrical sound equipment outdoors in a rain storm?

Little did they know that God planned to do.

They went ahead, setting up the equipment and as they did…it stopped raining!

Then Scott Ross stood up, and on the microphone declared before the crowd that had gathered, "We're here tonight because the Lord God wants us to speak His message to this town and it will not rain again until we are finished."

Scott spoke powerfully as a prophet of God addressing the spiritual powers and forces of wickedness that grip P-town. At one point, he shared that the Pilgrims had encountered a drought which threatened their crops. They too had prayed and fasted and God answered with rain. He went on to say that that kind of power belongs to those that walk with God.

If only we had a video to send you with this story so that you could see the swirling turbulent clouds…the vapor sprays, the street light that fell on the equipment vehicle, the man who screamed obscenities running at the platform before he was stopped by an unseen hand when Ross rebuked the spirit that seemingly controlled the man in his frenzy.

This group knew and believed in their hearts that an army of angels was entrenched around that park and they were reminded of the Lord's promise that "No weapon that comes against you shall prosper."

Something supernatural was happening.

Scott Ross' went on directly challenging everything that exalted itself against God. As one man stated later, "The gauntlet was thrown down and no one picked it up."

At one point during the concert, a homosexual couple was overheard speaking. One said, "They believe in what they're doing; they really have something to say." His companion asked, "Well, why don't you follow after them." He replied, "Because of you." And they wandered off…hollow.

However, the proclamation had been made, and as promised, the rains were released. God proved true. A spiritual beachhead was established. Something supernatural is going down in Provincetown.

Excerpt from - Pierre Joseph, "Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited."
Free Love/Renaissance Newspaper.

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