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Mary Mary: Sister Act

By The 700 Club Erica and Tina Campbell first sang publicly in the local church choir and received their first break in 1998 with a song on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack. They earned immediate success with their platinum debut album in 2000 and earned numerous awards including a Grammy for Best Contemporary Gospel Album. The girls, who are siblings, followed up with a second album called Incredible in 2002 which garnered them the No. 1 Top Christian Album in 2002. Their new CD, Mary Mary, debuted at No. 8 on Billboard’s Top 200 best-selling album chart.

Since their last project, both sisters have started families and refocused their energies. Even with juggling schedules, both Erica and Tina are more comfortable about their music than they ever have been.

“Confidence doesn’t come with a successful hit,” says Erica. Their confidence comes from their faith.

“Think of the millions of people who sell millions of records and then kill themselves,” says Erica.

They are also more comfortable with their gifting than when they first got started. “We understand the responsibility of ministry,” says Erica. “We couldn’t say that before because we weren’t secure with what God had given us.”

Both girls boldly use their platform to share their personal experiences. “We’re letting people know that faith in Christ is the real deal,” says Erica. Their name comes from two ladies named Mary in the Bible: Mary, Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene (because anyone can come to Jesus as they are regardless of their past).

On their new CD, Erica and Tina share their faith through the song, “I’m a Believer.” Erica shares about a night when their house caught on fire. For some reason that night, their mother felt like something wasn’t right so they stayed with at an aunt’s house for the evening. At three o’clock in the morning, the police phoned to tell them the house was on fire. “Had we stayed at the house, there is no way we could have gotten through the fire because we had bars on the windows,” says Erica. “The fire was right in front of my mom’s room and my four little sisters’ room.”

Tina tells her story about the car accident she had eight years ago when her car flipped upside down facing traffic. “My car got totally destroyed,” says Tina. “The roof caved in and all the windows busted out. But there was no glass on me! God saved my life.”

With their new CD, Erica and Tina have ideas about what they want to see happen. “I hope this album changes lives more than anything else,” says Erica. “We’re going to continue to do what we do and do it Mary Mary style. We’re just two girls from California who love God and are glad about the talent God’s given us.”

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