"I think the thing that's been wonderful for all of us children to see was the extraordinary growth in my parents. You think you're madly in love with one another when you're young. And then it sort of, you know, gets kind of like regularity. And it's funny in their case, as they got older, it seems like they were getting closer together. Not that they weren't close before, but there was a sweetness and a gentleness in both of them. That was a great example for us as kids to see that you really do sort of grow fonder and they deferred more to one another and all those sort of good things. It certainly was a great relationship."
Tim Robertson - Son

“My mother had so many virtues. But I think she was long-suffering. She’s endured a lot. And she was a woman of few words. I’ve never heard her really complain or want to give up. I think that’s… maybe that’s the word… she endured. She was steadfast. That’s what Dad needed beside him all these years; a steadfast partner who continually read the Bible and studied the Bible. She was not too concerned about herself. She was selfless. I always saw that growing up. She would make sure we had before she had. So they were a beautiful, beautiful couple together. God definitely knew when He put them together.”
Elizabeth Robinson - Daughter

“Mom was the glue that held the Robertson family together. She was always working behind the scenes. If it weren’t for Mom, there wouldn’t be a CBN. And I doubt there’d be a family.”
“Mom was Dad’s prayer partner. They would pray over things together and come into agreement in prayer over things. And, when Dad didn’t follow her advice, he lived to regret it. So he took what she said and what she said in prayer very seriously.”
Gordon Robertson - Son

“My mom was a rock. She was a rock throughout our childhood. Dad had to travel a lot but Mom was always there for us as kids. She was like a lioness with her cubs. She was a defender of each one of us. We knew Mom was always there. That gives great security to children. I think the fact that we’ve turned out so well is definitely something that can be credited to Mom for her hard work and love for each of us.”
Ann LeBlanc - Daughter

“If there was ever a woman that completely embodied and personified the Proverbs 31 Woman, it would be Dede Robertson. She exemplified the exact virtues and characteristics that the book of Proverbs chapter 31 speaks about. It says, "Her children [grandchildren & great grandchildren] stand and bless her. Her husband trusts and praises her, and she has enriched his life [and ministry]." The chapter concludes by saying, "There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!" On behalf of the Church of God in Christ, and especially the COGIC ISRAEL JURISDICTION, we extend our deepest and most sincere condolences to Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, Gordon Robertson, and the entire Robertson family. We also rejoice with you in the home-going of this unique and special gift from God to so many of us around the world. We salute and honor this precious Woman of God, Mrs. Adelia "Dede" Robertson. ”
Bishop Glenn R. Plummer - Bishop of ISRAEL for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC)

“I was so saddened to hear the news of your mother's passing yesterday. Dede was an amazing woman of great faith, whose vision and impact on the world will live on for generations to come. Her inspiring legacy will not only live on in the great institutions she created with your father but through her children and grandchildren. You are carrying the work forward, and I have no doubt she was immensely proud of you. I know the world and the organization is grieving a visionary who brought faith to millions of people, but for you, you are grieving a beloved mother. Dede had extraordinary achievements in her life, but her greatest achievement in life was raising her beautiful family and being a beloved wife to your father for nearly 70 years. My father was eternally grateful for the support your parents gave early on to The Fellowship, and Dede and the entire Robertson family will hold a very special place in my heart. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

In Judaism, when someone passes, we say "Baruch Dayan Haemet", Blessed is the True Judge. The highest honor that a soul can have after passing on to the next world is to have an "aliyah" in "Shmayim", the dwelling place of G-d. My blessing is that Dede should have the highest "aliyah" and may her memory be a blessing.”
Yael - International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

“We are so sorry to learn about the recent passing of your mother, yet rejoice that she is living the life she was created for. Her legacy and passion for God's Word will surely continue to bear fruit.

Please know that I, as well as the Wycliffe family, are praying for Pat, you, and your family. We pray for God's comfort in your sadness, his peace in your unsettled moments, and his grace as you work through this time of loss and grief. May God's peace and comfort be your strength.”
John Chesnut, D.Min. - President/CEO - Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“I just wanted to send our deepest condolences to you and the whole Robertson Clan as you send your dear mother into the Lord's presence.

I have lost both my parents in the past 4 years, and indeed we are at the stage in life where we are seeing our parents come to the completion of their own races. What a blessing it is to have been part of their Godly legacy and calling. While we celebrate their homecoming and watch how they depart to unite with the Lord they loved and served during their lives, they leave a gap in our lives here. I miss being able to tap into their Godly wisdom and seeing their joy in us reaching further into the Lord and building on their legacy. I know your mom and dad both rejoice in seeing the continuation of the vision God birthed in them so many years ago in what you are doing.

So on behalf of the whole CBN Israel humanitarian team, we salute and honor your mom, another one of God's precious saints, who has arrived safely at home, and pray that God gives us the same strength and wisdom that sustained your parents during the founding years of CBN. That we all may be found faithful to The Call, even to the end.”
Daniel Carlson- National Director - CBN Israel

“ As Pat's secretary for over 45 years, I had the privilege of also working closely with Dede. She was a dear friend and a true example of a woman of God. ”
Barbara Johnson

“I just learned from the national media about the passing of your beloved mother Dede Robertson of blessed memory. From Jerusalem, Julie and myself would like to send you and your family our most heartfelt condolences on the passing of your mother who had brought so much good and meaning to this world.

I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but I do know you, her son, a man of great integrity and good heart and know she must have been extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. Through her work and dedication, your mother touched the lives of countless souls in a positive and constructive way. This is her legacy that will live on forever. Please convey our condolences to your dear father and the rest of the family. May her memory be a blessing for eternity. ”
Ambassador Ido Aharoni Aronoff - Member, Global Advisory Board - Value Base

“I was deeply saddened to learn about the recent passing of your dear mother. I am so very sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincerest condolences.

In the book of revelation, Psalm 147:3 it states that the lord "heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." It is my fervent wish that this will be so for you and your loved ones, and that your faith and strength in G-d will see you through these very difficult times. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ”
Danny Danon

“I send my sincere condolences first to Pat who has lost your beloved wife and to the entire Roberson family. My prayers as well as my family and church family are praying for you. Know that our God is faithful and he will sustain you during this time and for the days to come. Your Family and ministry have sown into our lives tremendously throughout the years and we pray God's blessings, his strength and his peace upon you all and may He meet you at your point of need in Jesus name.”

Pastor Lena Clark

“I started not to write anything. Thinking how there will be thousands of comments. But I have to take the time to honor a beautiful woman of God. Mrs. Robinson exemplified the Proverbs 31 woman. As a woman 30 years her junior, with 3 grown children and grands of my own, I am so grateful for the life of this woman. Her example will help me navigate this season of my life. Rest In Peace Dede.”

Marsha Elliott

“Each rare time I saw Dede, it was beholding someone who was a woman to emulate. She was the epitome of grace. Thank you, Lord, for creating her for the fine example of your love. I pray that all close to her are comforted in the knowledge she was a faithful servant and will receive bountifully from our Lord in heaven. May her legacy live on!”

Elizabeth Ferris

“Dee Dee is woman to be admired. I first met her at the age of 19 while working as the evening receptionist for CBN in Portsmouth. She always had a smile. Later years I had the opportunity to work for her on the Christmas decorating of Founders Inn..she was always so gracious. I can still here her now 'less magnolias' loved her opinion and direction. One of the best advice she gave me was at my wedding shower. Dee Dee told me that marriage is not 50/50 but 100/100..celebrating 46 years this month. Love and Prayers!”

Kathy Harrison Willis

“She was a super hero Wonder Woman she had a very kind lovable heart and made this world a better place to live in. Miss you Dede say hi to Jesus for me”

Vicki Aaron

“I've never seen a photo of DeDe before today, never heard Pat speak about all Her hands were put to. I just know by the way He spoke about Her, you just had a sense He truly loves Her, they are besties and She is a virtuous woman. Reading some of what She accomplished through Christ (my,my,my) Her submission to Husband and Children is total submission to God. What a testimony!!”

Felicia A Ricks

“I give my condolences to the Robertson family during this time of loss. I never knew Mrs. Adelia 'DEDE' Robertson. But, What I read here today proves that she is a woman of integrity. I believe it would amazing to hear her life story in a book form.”

Amanda Brieno

“Mrs.Robertson , I know is in the Holy of places with our Lord. Prayers of lot of love to Pat And family, as a member of CBN I have all of you in my prayers, I have tears and joy for Dede she is loved for eternity and so Blessed.Pat you have alwsys been blessed from our Lord, he gave you great love and Dede. My heart is overwhelmed. All my love for you and family, and your sweet Dede . Much love .”

Paula M Ebner

“The love and patience demonstrated by Dede Robertson is a lesson to all of us. Shalom and God's love to the family and friends who remain in this place far from the glorious place where Dede now resides.”

JP Morgan

“Thank you Lord for revealing the vision of a ministry that could save countless lives and offer a refreshing palate and spin to the religious faith. The organization that Mrs. Dede and Mr. Pat Robertson culminated brought out so much joy and acceptance for so many. They found a way to nurture continuous others throughout the long marriage and lives that both of them were blessed with. I saw an interview with Mrs. Dede where she said "people that she didn't know knew of her knew her" That's the mark of a great Christian. When you can reach that many peoples hearts without having even met them. God continue to bless the CBN Network for all of the work it has continued to do because of Pat and Dede's commitment to true Christianity.”

John Edward Griffin