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When Your Inbox Makes You Laugh

Courtesy of Writeway Literary Associates

CBN.comLOVELAND, Colo. — Virtually everyone with an email account has received a forwarded message with a memorable anecdote or observation from a friend or colleague. Sometimes these emails are humorous and you send them on to someone who needs a laugh. Other times, they are thought provoking and you forward them to someone who might appreciate the point-of-view or sentiment.

A new book, Inspirational Wit and Wisdom from the Internet, is a collection of the best of those forwarded messages. The book was compiled and edited by Dave Balsiger and Chris Strong and published by Bridge-Logos.

"These messages usually stamped with 'Fwd:' in the subject line travel around the world touching tens of thousands of people along the way," Balsiger explains. "I noticed that many times the emails seem to arrive precisely when I need them. Invariably they make the world seem a little smaller, friendlier, and a warmer place to live."

Balsiger, who admits he is the only person he knows who actually saves the "Fwd" emails he receives, shares his collection as both a hard copy book and a click-and-send CD to enable readers to continue forwarding many of these internet gems as photo greeting cards.

The authors divide the book into sections with titles like: "She's PC; He's Mac: The Gender Gap," "Maintaining Your Buddy List," "Senior Wisdom," and, "Access Amazing Stories." There are literally hundreds of messages, everything from 'Thanksgiving: Martha Stewart Will Not Be Dining with Us' to 'The Bible in 50 Words' and from 'Where Was God on 9/11' to 'Schoolroom Proverbs.'

According to Wendy Wood, publicist for Bridge-Logos, "One thing that sets this book apart from other uplifting and inspirational books is the companion CD click-and-send feature. Our readers can start these messages around the world again, simply by loading the CD into their computers and sending it as an electronic four color greeting card to a friend or loved one. It's a twenty-first century greeting card file for every occasion."

When you need that perfect message to uplift yourself, a friend, or a family member, read a selection from this book. Or pop the Click-and-Send CD into your computer, and email just the right message in the form of a four-color greeting card to a special person in your life.

Choose from hundreds of inspirational messages that'll make you laugh with glee, cry with joy, or bring reflection to your life. These heartwarming stories and funny anecdotes will brighten the day, lighten the load, and warm the heart of those on your buddy email list.

Reach out and touch someone today with an inspirational message!

Purchase Inspirational Wit and Wisdom from the Internet.

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About the Authors:
Balsiger of Loveland, Colorado, is the author and co-author of 39 literary works including the New York Times best-seller The Lincoln Conspiracy. Other Bridge-Logos books he has authored and co-authored include The Case for Christ's Resurrection (2007), Miraculous Messages: From Noah's Ark to the End Times (2007), The Evidence for Heaven (2006), Face in the Mirror, and The Satan Seller. He is vice president and senior producer at Grizzly Adams®.

Co-author Chris Strong is a recently retired naturopathic physician who practiced family medicine and medical aesthetic procedures in Flagstaff, Arizona.


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