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Lisa Bevere
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Author Interview

Lisa Bevere: Lioness Arising

By Beth Patch Producer - After a recent appearance on The 700 Club, author and speaker Lisa Bevere spoke with about her latest book, Lioness Arising. Why did you write this book?

Lisa Bevere: When I was pregnant with my fourth boy, I was working on my husband's book, The Bait of Satan, from 10 PM till 2 AM every single night, and I would fall into bed completely exhausted, wake up with children surrounding my bed saying, “Are you going to feed us?” And one particular night I tumbled into bed, and instead of waking surrounded by children, I found myself awakened by this vision. It was a night vision of a lioness, and I found myself standing in front of this lioness. She was laying on her side on a platform. On the front of it was the word, “Numbers,” and then the Roman numerals XXIII, and I remember looking at her until I literally felt like I couldn't take anything else in, and I heard a voice behind me say, “With the birth of this son, you will awaken a lioness.” I reached over to my nightstand, pulled my Bible into bed with me, opened up to “Numbers 23:24,” and this is what I found. “These people rise up like a lioness. They rouse themselves like a lion that does not rest.” All of a sudden I became incredibly challenged by these fierce words on fragile pages, and God began to say to me, “You know what? I’m taking you out of your comfort zone.”

I did give birth to a son, and with the birth of Arden, it felt like something kind of opened up into my life. I wrote my first book, Out of Control And Loving It. My world enlarged. I found myself traveling and speaking, which I never, ever wanted to do. Then in 2007, I was getting ready to preach that night, and the Holy Spirit said to me, “I said, ‘with the birth of your son, you would awaken a lioness.’ I did not say ‘you were a lioness.’ Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, and it is time His Bride awaken a lioness. Now study the lioness.” So for two years I studied the lioness, and just as there is no creature that makes a man prouder to be male than the lion, there is no creature that makes me personally proud to be a female than the lioness. How do you feel that God will use this book?

Lisa: This is what I have found: women in the church historically have not had a voice that is heard. We have a voice in Sunday school. We have a voice in our small women's groups. But it's time that women had a voice alongside of the men; and they're not going to outcry against the men, they're going to lend their voices to the men. They're going to come alongside of them, and they’re going to begin to speak. That is something that we've lost in the Garden, that we’ll be men and women together, young and old together, people who speak the Word of God with authority, with boldness, that we’ll be fearless, that we’ll be courageous, that we will take this perilous time that we're in, and allow it to birth something beautiful, and strong, and dangerous, and nurturing, and focused, and fierce, and focused in such a way that its collective expression with the church is, “Stop trying to look like the world.” At one point you talk about sedated Christians. Can you say a little bit more about that?

Lisa: Yes. Yes. Christians are so sedated by their everyday. And they're really anesthetized by what is not important. Even right before this interview, we were talking about my wardrobe, and we were talking about how I had chosen not to wear a sleeveless. I find that there is more outrage about whether I'm in sleeveless clothes or not than there is the fact that 50 million women are missing off the globe right now because of gendercide. There's more outrage about whether my skirt would be too short or not when I'm on TV than there is on sex trafficking. This is what happens when people are overwhelmed with their own lives. They begin to swallow camels and strain gnats. And it's what happened during Jesus’ day, and the church is busy with the mundane. They are absorbed in their everyday life, and they are asleep, and they are unaware of what is really happening in the earth. I love Romans 13, because it says be up and awake to what God is doing, not tell everybody what you are doing, not telling everybody what they can't do, but declare what God is doing. What's next for you?

Lisa: Well, I am working on a book right now called Girls with Swords. I have found out that we have a generation of young people who are not armed. They actually don't even know how to navigate the Word of God. They have theories. They have little pieces. But the weapons, we need to understand it’s plural … that are for warfare, they are not carnal. They’re mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; and we have a generation of young girls that are completely unarmed and have been stripped of their virtue and different things. And yes, yes, we have a lot of people that are promiscuous, and they've lost their virginity; but just because they've lost their virginity doesn't mean they can't recover their virtue. So I'm actually in the process of forging some swords to put some things in the hands of our daughters. Because number one, they're a target. If there are between 50 and 150 million women missing off the globe, right there we have a confirmation that the enemy is terrified of women. But there's also a second part to that story; they just might be a hero. If you're a target, then that means there's something that the enemy is terrified you're going to realize, and so I want to put something in their hands so that they understand their moment, but they don't meet it without something in their hands. So that's what I'm working on right now.

Beth PatchBeth Patch serves as an Internet producer for For more articles and info, visit Beth's bio page.

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