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The Year in Review

2011's Best New Movies

By Hannah Goodwyn Senior Producer - "Let's go to the movies. Let's go see the stars!" The movie musical Annie gets it right. Going to the movies is a fun outing most Americans make room for in their busy schedules and budget (even at today's ticket prices).

Below is a list of's highest-rated, original movie reviews from 2011.

The Help1. The Help

Engaging from start to finish, The Help reveals the humor, sadness, joy, and courage of the women who dared to change their black and white society.


War Horse2. War Horse

War Horse is a powerful war epic made captivatingly personal. It’s simply about the journey of a boy and his horse during the tumultuous years of World War I Europe.


The Muppets3. The Muppets

A touching storyline and memorable covers, as well as, original songs make The Muppets an enjoyable, hilarious at times, movie appropriate for all ages.


Seven Days in Utopia4. Seven Days in Utopia

Seven Days is beautifully photographed, taking full advantage of the real Utopia, Texas. But the true beauty of the film comes in answering the question -- "What am I living for?"


Cars 25. Cars 2

More action-packed than the original, Cars 2 is an international spy-car adventure, a step away from the first film's laidback look at a racecar’s revelations in a sleepy Route 66 town.


Winnie the Pooh 6. Winnie the Pooh

This return to the Hundred Acre Wood is a fun journey. These timeless characters offer enjoyment for audiences of all ages — an admirable feat for a “bear of little brain”.


Mars Needs Moms 7. Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms is a fun animated feature. More important than that, this new film is not superficial. It's a warning to appreciate your parents.


The Grace Card8. The Grace Card

Starring Oscar winner Louis Gossett, Jr., The Grace Card is played well. The developed characters are compelling and their redemption is inspiring.


Soul Surfer9. Soul Surfer

If Bethany Hamilton’s story weren’t true, you’d never buy this movie. But her hard-to-believe story is true; and that's what makes Soul Surfer one of the year’s most inspirational films.


New Years Eve10. New Years Eve

With a clear message of love and commitment, New Year’s Eve is a reminder that there are second chances in life – and we need to seize them.

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