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Beth Bence Reinke
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Beth Bence Reinke Articles

Fridge Fix: How Food-Safe is Your Refrigerator?

One of the grossiest offenders of bacteria and foodborne illnesses just might be your home refrigerator. Find out how to properly cook and store food so you won't get sick.

The Trans Fat Debate

Registered dietician Beth Bence Reinke explains why you should steer clear of these fats and how to know if your foods have them.

Fill'er Up...With Fiber

If you think the term "dietary fiber" means ingesting celery, bran cereal, or wood pulp, you need to read this. Beth Bence Reinke sets us straight on what fiber is and what it does for our health.

A Primer on Probiotics

A registered dietician presents the facts about those friendly bacteria that keep popping up in today's diary foods. What are they and why are they good for your health?

Organic Foods: Worth the Cost?

A registered dietician presents the facts about going organic.

Ten Super Snacks to Grab-and-Go

Who says you can't eat nutritiously while on the go? It's easy when you follow Beth's tips.

Dining Out Done Right

Ten practical tips to help you make better nutritional decisions when away from home.

How Sweet It Is: Sorting Out Sweeteners

So what's the "skinny" on sweeteners? Which ones are better for you?

Save on Supper Without Skimping

If you are suffering from sticker shock at the grocery store, read these tips on how you can save on cost without sacrificing nutrition.

Bypass Those Holiday Pounds

The best way to avoid weight gain is to maintain your weight and above all to focus on the reason for the season: Jesus.

Label Lingo

Instead of trusting that any packaged food is a nutritional bargain, try learning a little label lingo.

Start Your Morning Smart

Mom was right: One of the best things you can do for your body is start each day with good nutrition.

Lord, Bless My Plate

When you are tempted to skip saying grace at mealtime, here are several reasons, from a registered dietician, why thanking the Lord is good for your overall health.

Coffee or Tea: Which is Better for Me?

The research is in on these two popular hot beverages, and you'll be happy to know that both drinks of choice have healthful benefits.

Bone Up on Your Health

Milk isn't just for kids; adults need it to for stronger bones, too. Here are ways to make sure you are getting sufficient calcium in your diet.

Beth Bence Reinke is a registered dietitian who writes about food, nutrition, and health topics. She is a mom of two sons and the author of numerous magazine articles for adults and children. Beth and her husband have been CBN partners since 1998. Visit her at .


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