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Weight Loss

Choose to Do the Best Job of Living

Your body reflects your daily choices, so stop confusing it by the way you think.



Onions, Garlic, and Scallions... Oh My!

Often we avoid these smelly foods in order to keep our positive social connections. But these pungent vegetables are incredibly healthy.


Todd Starnes: Lose Weight or Die

Todd tells how he went from 300 pounds and a bad heart to 150 pounds and good health.

5 Ways to Shed Pounds at Work

Don’t let your body suffer because you spend all day at the office. Use these tips and watch the weight drop.

Cinnamon: A Diabetic's Godsend

Controlling blood sugar can be a real challenge for diabetics. But now there is research showing that cinnamon might just be part of the solution.

Bible-Based Wellness Program Promotes Total Health

Make that New Year's resolution to get fit spiritually and physically with First Place 4 Health's new resources.


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