Stand With Israel And

Bless God’s People

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We Need You To Stand With Us

We are praying that friends like you from around the world will unite together to protect Israel from those who stand against her. Together we can shape the future.

In the face of growing hostility and anti-Semitism, you can send a clear message to the world—declaring that Christians will stand with Israel.

Israel Needs Your Support

God’s chosen people face incredible hardship and constant threats in the Middle East. Support from Christians in the U.S. is more important with each passing day. Your support of Israel today makes you part of the redemptive story God is telling through His chosen people.

Make a Difference with CBN Israel

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Humanitarian Work
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Humanitarian Work

Your support provides food, assistance, education, economic development, and hope to Israelis in need. You are blessing Holocaust survivors, victims of terrorism, single mothers, immigrant families, and others who desperately need our help.

Breaking News

Your gift allows us to produce unbiased, independent journalism through broadcasts, podcasts, and online media dedicated to informing the world about what is happening in Israel and the Middle East through our news bureau in Jerusalem.

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Documentary Films

Your support allows us to produce educational documentary films that tell the true history of Israel, its right to exist in the face of growing anti-Semitism worldwide, its innovative and entrepreneurial culture, and its commitment to helping others—even its enemies.