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A Race to Save Their Child's Life

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi & Diane Liang
The 700 Club

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Freedom from Financial Fear

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

You Can Love Your Work — The Lus couldn't wait to celebrate their daughter's first birthday. They planned to make Yuting traditional pan-fried pastries. One would be Gao Xing, which means happy together, and the other would be Deng Dao ("bright future"). But all hope of happiness and a bright future was lost when Yuting started having chest pains.

"She was very thin and her heart beat even faster than mine," remembers Mr. Lu. "We found out Yuting had a serious heart problem, and she could die before her first birthday."

Yuting needed surgery, but Mr. Lu works at a restaurant and makes very little money.

He shares, "It was stressful, but Yuting was the most important and the most beautiful thing in my life. And I would do anything to save her life."

He knocked on every door he could, but no one offered to help--and Yuting's health got worse.

"It felt like my heart was being cut by a knife," says Mrs. Lu. "I was thinking 'Yuting has not enjoyed life, she hasn't tasted her mother's love, and she could die at any time.'"

Mr. Lu adds, "I'd hold Yuting's little hand and say. 'Hold on, Yuting. Be Strong! Daddy is doing everything he can.'"

Day after day, he searched for financial assistance and continued to get rejected--until he approached CBN. Mr. Lu remembers, "CBN was the first place sincerely interested in my poor family. They were the only one who wanted to help us and then follow through!"

"I think God took care of us," Mrs. Lu exclaims. "Yuting was going to have surgery."

And the surgery was a success! To celebrate, we helped the Lus throw an extra special birthday party for Yuting, complete with a cake and traditional pastries.

"Yuting is totally well now! She breathes normally and her cheeks are pink," declares Mrs. Lu, "so now we can always be happy together and we will have a bright future!"

Mr. Lu concludes, "Thank you CBN for giving Yuting a second chance on life, and for really making my family complete. We will remember you forever!"

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