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You can experience a life of perfect peace! Discover God’s principles to be free of fear and anxiety.

In CBN’s latest DVD release, The I Wills of God: Your Path to Overcoming Fear and Anxiety, Pat Robertson brings you life-defining insights into one of the most powerful passages of Scripture—Psalm 91.

In THE I WILLS OF GOD, you’ll discover how to:

  • Overcome Fear in Your Life
  • Understand the Power in God’s Name
  • Grow in Faith
  • Find True Satisfaction, and much more.

Together with co-host Scott Ross, Pat gives you the tools you need to get beyond the crippling effects of fear and worry, to live a life of victory and power. The Word of God is living and powerful, and this teaching on Psalm 91 will be a shield and comfort to your soul. The I Wills of God can transform your thinking and set you free from fear.

“Always remember we serve a God of abundance who loves us and wants to bless us.”
Pat Robertson

Strengthen your faith as you experience stories of God’s deliverance from anxiety and brokenness, sickness, life-threating situations, and more, in CBN’s newest DVD, The I Wills of God. It’s our gift to you when you partner with CBN .

Watch Excerpts from CBN’s newest DVD presentation

Hear from Pat Robertson’s new teaching on Psalm 91—The I Wills of God: Your Path to Overcoming Fear & Anxiety.
Discover the root of fear and learn how to overcome its hold—freeing yourself from fear for good!
If Jesus quoted the Word of God Shouldn’t You? Learn How Using God’s Word Can Transform Your Life!
How Verbally Confessing Your Fears to God Brings Freedom to Help You Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
Pat Robertson shares the how you can hear from God in any situation.
Product Shot of the The I Wills Of God DVD

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