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Discover Powerful Spiritual Keys That Unlock the Life of Fulfillment that God Designed Just For You!

God's universal laws can change the trajectory of anyone's life—regardless of background or circumstance.

Applying God's irrevocable precepts brings a tremendous blessing, success and true fulfillment. And they are within reach for anyone to grasp!

Get Pat Robertson's newest book, "I Have Walked with The Living God" along with the audiobook, when you join CBN as a monthly partner. In it, Pat recounts his life's journey and shares amazing accounts of God's supernatural work from many years of seeking—and hearing—from Him.

From growing up as the son of a U.S. Senator, to becoming a Marine Lieutenant in the Korean War, a Yale Law grad, a seminary student, and the founder of the first Christian cable network in the U.S., Pat recounts his life story and the path that God led him on with candor, revealing how God has spoken to him and directed his steps.

I Have Walked with The Living God reveals how God brings miracles into the daily lives of those who trust in Him. It's a profound book that every Christian, businessperson and minister of the gospel ought to own.

Within its pages you'll encounter wisdom and insights that can help you live the life God designed for you to live.

This is your guidebook to experiencing uncommon success!

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You'll discover:

  • The highly effective way to structure personal devotion time and why this one habit makes all the difference! (page 109)

  • Life-changing principles of God's kingdom that Pat has seen first-hand by following His word. (pages 6, 54, 62, 275)

  • How to recover from setbacks, overcome challenges and how leaning on God builds deep levels of faith and resilience. (pages 94, 191, 286)

  • How the prayer of consecration over ministry and children can reap a great reward for generations to come. (pages 18, 61, 127, 202)

  • Fascinating, untold stories from historic moments in American politics and culture, international business, Christian ministry and so much more...

This book shows that a walk with God can be exhilarating, rewarding, and full of promise. Your fears will fade in the presence of The Living God!

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"Writing 'I Have Walked with The Living God' has been a very personal journey for me. Recounting the ways God has guided me solidifies my certainty to say 'he who causes everything to be' has never failed me once. He is my closest friend and the Anchor of my soul. What He has done for me, He will do for you"
-Pat Robertson

This is a Book for Everyone!

Can you think of someone you know who is in search of the truth, a friend or a family member who may be on the edge of commitment? Or possibly an unsaved loved one who is running from God? Pat's unvarnished account of his spiritual journey speaks straight to the heart, laying out the path to true peace in no uncertain terms.

Young people—the leaders of tomorrow—full of determination and optimism. They need to know God is for them! They need to see that the moment they take God at His word and step-out on the journey of faith—they are unlocking the full measure of heaven's resources. This book reveals tips to help young people discover and fulfill the unique plan God has designed just for them.

Parents who are raising children in an age of growing secularism will be greatly encouraged to see how generational blessings—even history itself—can be birthed in the seeds of a parent's prayers.

Ministers of the gospel, Christian small business owners, entrepreneurs and businesspeople alike can find rest in the security knowing that if God called them, He will both lead and provide at every turn. Uncover key principles that activate blessing, wisdom and favor!

Anyone with an interest in modern history will love Pat's vivid recollections of historic events from behind the scenes. From history making moments with Presidents and world leaders, to tough negotiations with media magnates and newsmakers to breakthrough moments with spiritual giants.

Married couples will gain important marital and home-building wisdom to build a legacy of the deepest, richest love.

Give it as a birthday gift or simply to encourage and bless a friend, pastor, colleague or family member.

Increase your faith and expand your capacity this year as you receive powerful insights:

  • The keys to accomplish great things in life—and eternity—by becoming a servant to God's will. (page 251)
  • The blueprint to receiving daily favor, wisdom and blessing. (page 110, 285)
  • Real proof to believe that the God of the Bible is active in the world today! (page 214)
  • Wisdom for business and enterprise, skills for negotiation and deal-making. (page 89, 93, 105, 207)

See what others are saying about Pat's newest book...

"Pat Robertson will forever be known as one of the most influential Christian leaders of our time. His groundbreaking leadership has touched every facet of our culture and will live on through the lives he has connected to Christ around the world."
Steve Green,
President, Hobby Lobby Stores.
Founder and Chairman, Museum of the Bible.

"Pat Robertson's newest book, I Have Walked with The Living God, is honest to the core, bold as a lion, and a guidebook to success. This is the one we've all been waiting for!"
Kenneth Copeland,
Host, Believer's Voice of Victory.

"Pat Robertson's latest book, I Have Walked with The Living God, is a story of hope, inspiration, and faith. Pat's life story and visionary, Spirit-led leadership have been used to bless millions around the globe. This book will have a life-shaping impact on the reader."
Jay Sekulow,
Chief Counsel, America's Center for Law and Justice.
Counsel to the Forty Fifth President of the United States.

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