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Thanksgiving is a time to remember our many blessings and the Lord's goodness to us.

A special message from Pat Robertson

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Give thanks for your many blessings.

Give a special gift to help those in need.

Happy Thanksgiving! This is such a wonderful time of year, when we pause to recount our many blessings and the Lord’s goodness to us. As I count my blessings, I think of you, my wonderful partners in the Lord’s work, and I thank God for you and the significant difference you have made around the world and for the kingdom of heaven.

My heart especially goes out this year to our many neighbors across the country who lost so much in the recent hurricanes and wildfires. There is incredible stress and heartache for those who have seen a lifetime of effort and memories destroyed before their eyes. Thank you, CBN family, for reaching out to so many in Jesus’ name, in a time of great need.

Perhaps for you this has been a year of challenges. Perhaps you have had an accident as I have, or other injury or illness. Maybe you’ve experienced a financial setback, or a disappointment that took a toll. I want you to know a mystery of the kingdom of God for overcoming these circumstances, and here it is: Give thanks.

When we give thanks to God for our trials, we reaffirm our trust in His overwhelming goodness and presence in our lives. The windows of heaven open, and spiritual blessings pour out on those whose hearts are prepared through giving thanks.

When we thank God, we get our eyes off our own ability to change the situation and look to God instead. He rejoices in our thanks and freely exchanges our worry and anxiety for His power and peace. So, please, whatever you may be facing today, get yourself positioned to receive the blessing God has for you—give Him thanks, and watch the transformation that occurs in your heart and life.

There are many hurting people in our nation and world who live in poverty without the basics of food, water, or even a roof under which to live. During this season our hearts turn to them as well. I am writing to you today to ask you to join me in a Robertson family tradition.

Each year, we take the amount we spend on our Thanksgiving dinner and give an equal amount to help those in need. This is an offering that pleases God and is a visible demonstration of our thankfulness for His great blessings.

I am asking you to express your thanks to God and give a special gift this holiday, because we need you to help provide aid to families, widows, orphans, persecuted Christians, and those forgotten by the world. Without you, many people will remain in darkness, facing hopeless situations—not knowing God loves them and sent His Son to die for their sins.

We have so much for which to be grateful. We who believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord have God working on our behalf each day. We have the sure promise of heaven and an eternity of glory and joy ahead of us, free from all sadness and pain.

Thank you for standing as a light in the world and our nation today. May our love and unity shine brightly for all to see. May we be a thankful and caring group of people who demonstrate the love of God at every opportunity.

This Thanksgiving, please join me in giving back to the Lord with a grateful heart for all He has done for us. And may your thankfulness transform your circumstances and bring you joy.

My prayer for you is that God would give you a glorious holiday—that you would feel His love, peace and protection over your life and those you love. May God touch your life with His mighty provision and healing power. God bless you always.                                      

Yours in Christ,
Pat Robertson

Give a Special Holiday Gift This Thanksgiving

Your gift will make a life-changing difference for many children and adults in the coming months. You can help turn someone’s despair into thanksgiving. Please let me hear from you very soon. So many are waiting for help. Thank you!

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