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Jew Finds His Messiah

By David Kithcart
The 700 Club"I was born to a family that does not believe in God," Moran Rosenblit explains. "From a young age I started to drink alcohol and started to go to parties. I was a disc jockey in the nightclubs. I had my bar mitzvah when I was age of 13. I did it out of respect to my grandfather who believes in God."

Yet Moran Rosenblit still did not believe in God. When he reached the age of 19, Moran performed another expected obligation: He joined the Israeli army.

"On the same week that I was assigned from one place to another, on a Sunday, as I was on my way to the new place, we heard that there was a suicide bomber at the unit where we served.

"We lost 22 soldiers, and seven of them I served with in the army. It was a week that I’ll never forget. We went from one funeral to another. We even had to decide which funeral we were going to go to because there were too many. We went to the hospital to visit another friend that was badly wounded, and two weeks after he was wounded, he died.

"It was a very hard time in my life, something that changed my life. Ever since, I didn’t really cry, I kept the pain inside in my heart. For weeks together we shared the same room. Those were people who were close to me, and suddenly, they were not there.

"I did not have God to turn to. The only thing I could do back then was to blame God and to point my finger. I didn’t believe that there was a God."

Two weeks after Moran left the army, tragedy struck again.

"The reality is just that there is always someone you know who is dying in Israel," Moran says.

Moran went back to deejaying and drinking. But no matter what he did, the pain wouldn’t go away.

"I was angry at anyone, everybody, and I blamed everybody. That was sad. It was all because of this pressure."

Moran also decided that he could no longer live in Israel. He ended up staying with a friend’s family in California. When they took a trip to Florida, Moran tagged along. On the way, they put worship music on in the car.

Moran was indignant. "I said, 'Why are you doing this? Why are you brainwashing your kids about God? What is Jesus? Let’s put some rock ‘n’ roll in. Let’s party. Let’s sing.' And we had this argument throughout the road trip, this discussion about God and the fact that I didn’t believe that there was God. But they prayed for me."

Weeks later, Moran began to feel sick.

"I actually started to cry and I shared with that friend about my friends who died, their names and what they meant to me, and how tired I am from this life. I didn’t want to live anymore."

The diagnosis Moran received was a relief.

"It is something that caused this result of depression and the result of keeping everything inside me and not letting it out."

Another friend of Moran’s invited him to her church.

"I was really touched to see all of those people and their love for Israel. I came a few times. One of those times, the pastor was teaching from the book of Hebrews. He said that the Jewish people think that they know God and believe in God but they don’t actually know God in a personal way because they are blind. I got really angry: 'How come, you pastor, are talking that way? 'I asked him, 'How come you speak about Israel that way?' And he asked me, 'Have you ever read the tenauch?' which is the Old Testament. I said, 'Sometimes, when I was young, but not real seriously.' Then he asked me, 'Have you ever read the New Testament?' I said, 'What is the New Testament?' He said, 'Go home and read it, and then come back and talk to me.'"

When Moran went back home, he found something there he had never seen before.

Jacob Damkani's book, "Why Me?""There was a small book called Why Me? written by Jacob Damkani. It’s a testimony of an Israeli person, how he came to know the Lord. I took that book and I started to read it. As I was reading that book, the Holy Spirit just fell like rain, just like rain. And the light switch -- I like to use that illustration, the light switch -- just went up and I came to the light.

"In the end of the book there is an invitation to receive Yeshua, Jesus, into your life. There is another invitation to recommit yourself. I didn’t know what either of them meant, so I just said both prayers. I said, 'God, I believe that you are there, but please show it to me, and please show me the truth about that Jesus.'

"God just broke me for that moment to open my eyes and to bring me from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to the power of God.

What happened to Moran's anger and the depression he felt after what happened to all those people?

"The anger and the depression – I feel like a completely new person, without the alcohol for four-and-a-half years," he says. "He gave me life. He gave me hope. Thoughts of committing suicide just went away. I used to drive and look at the trees and think which tree I wanted to drive into, but now no. I want to live and I want to be able to serve God and to bring that hope that I have to my brothers and sisters around the world."

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