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He Ain't Heavy

By Missey Butler
Guest Writer - It never ceases to amaze me how the human spirit, without exception always rises to the occasion amid utter chaos, confusion and total devastation. There are those special individuals who purposely step out of themselves in order to assist and come to the aid of others whose lives are in great peril.

The recent upheaval in the Middle East has given the world great cause for concern. We have watched with eyes of compassion as the stories have gotten more and more severe with each passing day.

As the conflict between Israel and Lebanon intensifies, thousands of Israeli and Lebanese families are desperately seeking refuge from the violence. The upcoming days will no doubt be recorded in the pages of our history as the rumors of the escalation of war intensifies.

Yet, even in the midst of the Mideast fighting, nations from all over the world have been pledging humanitarian aid to the civilians caught in the conflict.
Within the sea of faces, there are glimpses of hope and gratitude for help being sent to those who so desperately need it.  All across America, people like you and I watch as incredible stories of bravery and sacrifice begin to surface.

That's the undeniable human spirit for you. it always finds a way, where there seems to be no way!

The unfolding of a new day brings with it dramatic stories of those wonderful hero’s and heroin’s who, without hesitation, perform amazing acts of rescue and in some cases put their own lives on the line in order to save another. 

I continually stand amazed at the resilience and unshakable fortitude I observe in those precious souls, who from the past have known only too well what it takes to stand “toe to toe” with the fierce enemies of war.

When considering the inner strength, bravery and undeniable character of these very special people, it may seem difficult to grasp their passion and zeal to live, despite unimaginable conditions. However, it is in these very conditions that has caused them to have more of a “steeled” determination to NOT go down for the count! 

That’s one of the reasons you will hear them say: “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!”

We can certainly all learn a lesson or two by their unselfish love and their unwavering spirit.  Let us join together in making sure we fight the good fight of faith along side them by doing all we can through humanitarian relief, but even more importantly, by carrying them in fervent prayer.  After all, He ain’t heavy, HE’S OUR BROTHER TOO!


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