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Look Busy

By Ellen Prohaska
Guest Writer While driving recently, I saw a bumper sticker with the words "Look Busy." I started laughing. Who in this day and age needs to look busy?

We are all busier then we want to be. Life is at a seemingly insane pace. There is always more to do then we can ever hope to accomplish. It's no wonder that "to do" lists aren't really much help any longer. They often serve to frustrate us as we look at the list, look at the clock, and then realize it won't all fit. It is then that we need to consider what is most necessary versus what is just nice. There never is time to do it all, so we set priorities in our lives.

But, there was a second line on that bumper sticker. The whole message was "Look Busy, Jesus is coming". Are there people who really think that it will make a difference to Jesus if they look busy? Jesus said He had to be about the fathers business (Luke 2:49 KJV). That sounds like accomplishing things instead of looking busy. We also are instructed to work while it is still light for the night comes when no one can work (John 9:4).

When I raked leaves this fall, I can tell you I didn't try to look busy. I worked hard keeping an eye on the dimming light as the day progressed toward night. You have to get serious when you know the time is limited knowing that a lot of effort will be blown about if you don't entirely complete the task in a certain time frame. Some of us are so busy. We try and manipulate our available time by turning on the floodlights to extend the day.

However, there is coming a night that we can't artificially light. There are two questions that we should ask ourselves before then.

1. Are we personally ready for the return of Jesus? Have we prepared? Have we opened or lives and hearts to him and recognized that His "being about the Father's business" was for Him to die on the cross for our sins? And once we recognize that, have we acknowledged that He has done for us what we could never do for ourselves? Have we accepted Him as our Savior or have we been too busy with lower priority things on our list.

If this is you, what are you waiting for? I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation (II Corinthians 6:1). There is no better time than now. There is no guarantee that you will have another chance or even more time later. Do it now.

2. What are we doing to get this information to our friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and even strangers? If we are really living a life of loving our neighbor as ourselves, then we will want to be sure that they are also prepared. This isn't just being busy with church programs. We need to look for fruit from our work.

Yes, Jesus is coming soon. Let's be busy, going into all our areas of influence, sharing what Jesus has done.

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