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Daily Devotion - Father's Day

A Love Letter for The Father, on Father's Day

I have been VERY blessed by being one of your children! Furthermore, I want to thank for your undivided attention for me by treating me as your only child when I'm talking, even though you have countless children.

Happy Daddy's Day, Dad

Dad never much cared for sailboats. He was a motorboat man with a special affection for outboards that were in disrepair. To my knowledge, Dad never had an outboard motor that ran for an entire afternoon ...

Abba Father

Sometimes crises come one atop the other and it feels like more than we can handle. Thankfully, we don't have to navigate life's challenges alone. God is available and willing to provide the support, encouragement, and comfort we need for each step of the journey.

Father of the Fatherless

I am your Father. My love for you is unwavering. I have always been there for you. When you sang in the choir, I was there for you. When you and your team won the city basketball championship, I was present cheering for you. And when your daughter, whom I formed, was born, I was there rejoicing with you. I am with you always.

Daddy's Healing Hands

All of my pain and suffering could've been avoided if I'd simply trusted and obeyed my father to begin with. He'd never given me any reason to doubt him.

Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

Perhaps you've never considered, that one as busy as God, has time to be concerned with the small details of the fatherless child. It is here we see His sterling character sparkle yet again.

My Father and Your Father

God has worked very hard to make sure you found Him—through a real dad, a stepdad, a grandfather, or simply an obedient man.

Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams

Once a great orator, encourager, story-teller, and prayer intercessor, my father rarely puts a sentence together anymore. He has dementia. But when he dreams at night, I believe he's in his right mind.

Run with Weights On

If you will learn to run with the weights on, when they come off, you'll be surprised how fast you can run - in athletics and in life.

Watching Dad at Work

When I was a child, I loved to go with Dad while he worked in his shop. I sometimes held the end of a board while he sawed the other end, or picked up the trash wood that was littering the floor, but mostly, I just watched.

A Perfect Father

No father is perfect. Eli and David were both godly men placed in leadership roles who devoted themselves to the Lord. Yet they each made serious mistakes in parenting that not only damaged their own families, but had a negative impact on the nation of Israel.

A Father's Blessing

A father has many opportunities to pour blessings or negativity into a child's understanding of their identity and purpose. Dads' choices on what they say are critical to healthy development.

Joyful Mourning

"Karen, your dad has taken a downturn." This message from my husband was waiting for me when I checked into a hotel after a trip to the mountains.

Baby Plans

Does God give someone the desire of their heart when they didn't even ask Him?

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