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Starting a Conversation about Jesus


Starting a Conversation about Jesus

Talking about Jesus with someone outside the faith is a daunting task. Here's some advice on how to strike up a conversation about Jesus with anyone.


Texting and God's Holy Text


Texting and God's Holy Text

Our days fill with unfulfilling white noise. How often do we text yet ignore God's holy text, the Bible? Or answer our cell phones yet ignore calls from Heaven?

10 Signs Your Teenager is Depressed


Why Teens Seek the Wrong Crowd

Youth counselor Mark Gregston explains how you can prevent a teen from gravitating toward trouble.

Christian Advice for Teens

Helping Kids Handle Divorce

It’s imperative for parents to learn that they play a pivotal role in minimizing the trauma kids experience.

Flatten the Mt. Everest in Your Life

If we don't climb life's mountains with Jesus, we are going to miss out on a Heavenly view.

10 Signs Your Teenager is Depressed

Learn the telltale signals that your teen may be sending you.

The Myth of "Friends with Benefits"

Best-selling author and counselor Dannah Gresh explains the danger of believing in the "friends with benefits" myth.

What Treasures Are You Chasing?

Are your priorities in synch with God’s values? Take a break from the chase and reassess your life.

Warning Signs of Teen Anorexia

Pay attention to the wake-up calls and you'll help yourself or some you love avoid illness and even death from this debilitating eating disorder.

Hate to Wait for God?

Waiting on God means watching Him, not our watch. Things never take longer than He expected.

What About Kids and Dating?

Parents can play an important role in equipping kids to navigate the dating years. Jim Burns shares tips on how to help while not interferring.

God's Glamour Girl

A glamourous girl isn't what Hollywood depicts on the big screen and publishing world shows on magazines. Learn what the Bible says about what is truly beautiful.

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One Cubed International

One Cubed

One Cubed is a global, high-energy music video program. Read topical articles and watch your favorite music artists talk on topics such as sex, love, overcoming depression, and finding God's plan for your life.


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Josiah White: An Extraordinary Adoption

Josiah White: An Extraordinary Adoption

Eric and Rachel White were inspired to adopt Josiah, an orphan with a rare life threatening medical condition.

The New Superbook for the Next Generation

The New Superbook for the Next Generation

Deanie played the original for her four boys. Now, she plays it for her grandchildren.

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Honoring Our Military

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