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Understanding Islam


Some of the Basics of Islam

The word Islam simply means submission to God, and a Muslim is simply a person who follows the laws of Islam. Yet, in many ways, Islam is a religion of paradox.

Watch the Video Visions of Jesus Stir Muslim Hearts



Questions and Answers on Islam

Islam: How to Respond?

Are you wondering what Islam is all about? Do you want to reach out to your Muslim neighbors? Here is a guide to getting started.

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Commentary on Islam
Islam and Christianity: A Revealing Contrast  

Islam and Christianity: A Revealing Contrast

Muhammad brought forth a new and divergent doctrine or “gospel” than that which was preached by Jesus and His apostles. It so conflicted with Judaism and Christianity that early converts could only be won over by the threat of the sword.



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CBN News Reporting
Born-Again, Ex-Islamic Terrorists Speak Out  

Born-Again, Ex-Islamic Terrorists Speak Out

“My father took the small Bible from my hand and shredded it, and slapped me two or three times and stepped backward -- thinking I was [going to] jump him. I said, 'Nope. You hit me or you beat me, and I won't change a thing. I'll be a Christian.'”



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Other Resources on Islam
Answering Islam  

Answering Islam

A resource site to answer questions about Islam from a Christian perspective.

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