The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

Serita Jakes


Author, Black Yellowdogs (2013)

President/Founder, Ben Kinchlow Ministries

Speaker, Humanitarian

Former Co-host of The 700 Club (1975 – 1988 & 1992 – 1996)

Former CBN Exec. Vice President for Domestic Ministries

Commentator for WorldNetDaily

Co-host of International Radio Broadcast, Front Page Jerusalem

Founder/ CEO of African American Political Awareness Coalition (AAPAC)

Vice President of Kids Against Hunger

Founder of Americans For Israel; Married to wife, Vivian

3 sons

6 grandchildren


Ben Kinchlow Returns to The 700 Club

Ben was born in a small Texas town to a hardworking laborer and his schoolteacher wife. He served 13 years in the United States Air Force. In the 1970s, after a period as a Black Nationalist influenced by Malcolm X and the Black Muslims Ben came to Christianity. He began telling people about the Lord on the streets and soon became the director of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Killeen, Texas. In 1971, Ben was ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and founded “His Place,” a ministry for teens. During this time, Ben was invited to be a guest on The 700 Club and share his testimony of what God was doing through the center. Then Ben was asked back to the show a second time, this time as a guest host, while Pat was in Israel. “When I was invited the second time, I thought it would be as before. I went in the studio and sat in the counseling section.  As it got closer to air time, I moved into a guest chair.  Then someone told me that Pat was in Israel and I was the host of the show.  During that time The 700 Club was a three-hour show.  When I heard the opening song, "Heaven came down and glory filled my soul," I thought yes Lord!" Ben came to work at CBN where he served as The 700 Club's Director of Counseling then in 1975 Ben became the co-host of The 700 Club. He went on to produce and host several CBN specials such as “Straight Talk,” a daily 30-minute high-energy television show, and co-hosted “Taking It To The Streets,” a live daily one-hour radio talk show. In addition to his hosting responsibilities, Ben assumed the position of Vice President for Domestic Ministries in 1982, with oversight of the National Counseling Centers in major cities across the United States. In 1985, Ben was promoted to the Executive Vice President. After twenty years, Ben decided to leave CBN and pursue independent ministry.     

Ben says he use to qualify as aBlack Yellow dog” (a black American who consistently votes Democratic no matter the issue or candidate). He says the idea of voting in this manner is nothing more than a “deadly game of follow the leader.” There has been a seismic shift in voting patterns of black Americans from the first election where they voted 99% Republican in 1876 to 90% Democratic in 2000. “Arguably one of the most religious groups in America, blacks often find themselves in the unenviable position of voting against their own religious beliefs. They generally oppose same-sex marriages and abortions, but by voting as Yellow Dog Democrats, actually find themselves helping to elect candidates who openly support the very issues they oppose,” reveals Ben. “The Founding Fathers believed the future of America rested upon the character, integrity, and continued moral growth of a Bible-reading people. The existence of a free republic depended upon moral virtues exercised from within, by individuals who understand that a society of individuals is held together as a whole, not by externally imposed law, but by internally imposed self-government,” share Ben.

Ben says he began to challenge the flawed concept of voting in blind faith for any party or candidate after being made aware of certain historical facts. “Tragically, it seems we have ignored an ancient warning that could easily be applied to many of our African-American leaders: Beware… they are blind guides. And if the blind guide the blind, both shall fall into a pit. It is my fond hope that these are, indeed, merely blind guides, for I shudder to consider the alternative.” Ben shares the following quote from Justice Clarence Thomas: “I have come.... to assert my right to think for myself, to refuse to have my ideas assigned to me, as though I was an intellectual slave.” (PBS Newshour Judging the Judge).

Ben’s mission remains the same… “Take the Good News to as many people as possible as soon as possible.” Today he is a minister, broadcaster, author and businessman. He travels domestically and internationally as a motivational and inspirational speaker. He is involved in an outreach for Israel which he founded called Americans for Israel for the purpose of reaching out, along with other ministries, to extend a hand of fellowship to God’s chosen people. The organization is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding of the ancient bonds that exist between Christians and Jews. In 2005, he joined Earl Cox (who served four Republican Presidents) as the co-host of Front Page Jerusalem, an unbiased, comprehensive news and commentary program of issues affecting Israel today. He is also a commentator with WorldNetDaily.

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