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Jimmy Wayne


Author, Live Before You Die (2013)


Successor to evangelist Reinhard Bonnke/Christ for all Nations (CfaN)

President/CEO, CfaN, Host syndicated TV show that airs in 188 counries

BS, Accounting, Southeastern Bible College, Lakeland, FL

Brownsville Revival School of Ministry

Married, 4 sons


How Prayer Can Reach the Nations

Daniel is a fifth generation preacher who felt called to Africa when he was seven.  In 1996, Daniel, then 16, went to the Brownsville Revival meetings and had a life-altering encounter with the Lord.  In one of the meetings, Daniel felt the Lord spoke to him and told him he was supposed to work for evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.  After he got home, Daniel wrote a letter to Reinhard and even spelled his name wrong.  He wrote, I’m supposed to work with you and will do whatever you need..  After he visited the ministry’s website and saw the photos of the huge crowds, he thought, This evangelist will never get my letter.  So Daniel decided not to mail it.  Because he was so impacted by Brownsville, he decided to attend school there for two years.  While there, Daniel, then 18, met Reinhard on the beach.  It was instant repoire.  “He recognized my last name from my uncle,” says Daniel.  They shook hands, parted ways and Daniel says he didn’t hear from Reinhard for years.

During that time, unbeknownst to Daniel, Reinhard moved his ministry headquarters from Frankfurt, Germany to California, then to Orlando, Florida.  In 2004, Daniel was pastoring a small church plant in Orlando and needed to make ends meet.  A friend called saying CfaN was looking for someone with a background in business to work there. Daniel was hired on the spot and began working in the warehouse packing boxes, mailing packages and taking inventory.  “I was living 40 minutes from his office,” says Daniel.  “I felt that working for Reinhard was the fulfillment of what God spoke to me about when I was 16.”  One day Reinhard saw Daniel working and asked his supervisor if Daniel would be able to travel with him as an assistant. Daniel travelled with Reinhard for awhile before Reinhard told him to leave and start his own ministry.  “So I did,” says Daniel.  Reinhard observed Daniel in his ministry for a couple of years and then in 2006, in Lagos, Nigera, Reinhard asked Daniel to preach for 10 minutes.  Eventually Reinhard told Daniel he felt the Lord wanted Daniel to take over the ministry.  They started ministering side by side.  Then when they held a crusade with multiple meetings, Reinhard would preach four of the five meetings and Daniel would preach one; then Reinhard would preach three and Daniel two.  Then Reinhard asked Daniel to preach four and he would preach one.  “One day, Reinhard said, I’m gonna stay home, you do it youself.”

Daniels, 31, says the Lord confirmed His word every step of the way and Daniel’s life is a tribute to God’s faithfulness to those who are faithful in the little tasks.  The crowds are enormous at the crusades, now led by Daniel.  A few months ago, a woman brought her sick three-year old son to a meeting.  He was so sick that the mother took him to the medical tent where he was pronounced dead. The medics checked his pulse.  He was lifeless and cold when they brought the dead little boy to Daniel, who was walking out to his car.  Daniel laid hands on him and prayed.  “We had no death certificate, but I can assure you when I held him he was lifeless and cold,” says Daniel.  After Daniel prayed, the boy came back to life.  The parents shared their story the next night at the crusade.

His book Live Before You Die, is not just a book on finding purpose.  “This is a practical book,” says Daniel.  “It’s very specific…What is Gods will for you and how do you make decisions on what steps to take.  Who do I marry? What job do I take?” says Daniel.  “God’s will is not this grand scheme; it’s accomplished through taking daily steps through obedience in hearing God’s voice and drawing close to fulfill His purpose in our lives.”  Readers can download a “QR app reader” on their smartphone and scan the QR codes throughout the book which automatically take the reader to creative videos and special bonus material to enhance the teaching of the book.

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