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Executive Producer/Writer, I’m In Love With A Church Girl (2013)

Founder/CEO of Reverence Gospel Media (along with partner Israel Houghton)

Worship Pastor at Evergreen Valley Church in San Jose, CA

Music Producer

Multi-platinum writer for DVD productions such as The Latino Comedy Series and the Kings and Queens of Freestyle


Galley Molina's Hollywood Story

By The 700 Club LIVING “THE LIFE”
Galley grew up in an upper middle class Catholic family. He only went to church at Christmas and Easter, and never developed a personal relationship with the Lord. Galley loved music; he sang and played saxophone and soon began working as a DJ, writing songs, and producing music. When he was in high school, a drug supplier moved in across the street and soon his neighbor’s flashy lifestyle lured Galley into the fast and furious life of drugs. Although his problem was not using drugs, Galley began to sell drugs. By the 1990’s, Galley was deeply involved in a major drug-trafficking ring. He did not sell drugs on the street in small amounts. Instead he sold drugs by “weight” or large amounts. He would travel overseas to purchase cocaine in large quantities and then import the drugs back into the U.S.  Meanwhile Galley’s music career was taking off.  He toured with chart-topping artists, signed his first recording contract, and released his first single. He later began writing and producing music for several prestigious acts in the music industry, working on dozens of gold and platinum records. After branching into the home video market, Galley produced a series of highly successful comedy and music documentary DVD’s.  Then Galley decided to stop trafficking drugs, however he did not cut ties completely with his drug “family.”

In 1994, Galley began dating Damaris, a girl who grew up in his neighborhood. Their first date was at church. After about a year, Galley gave his life to Christ and began to develop a personal relationship with the Lord. Then he left his drug network behind. In 1996, Galley’s past caught up with him. He was indicted for drug trafficking. Galley hid his secret from Damaris until the indictment came out. Damaris forgave his past sins and while out on bail they married in 2002. Eight months later Galley went to prison. God used Galley’s time in prison as a time to refine and rebuild him. “God sustained me while I had to go away,” shares Galley. During his incarceration, Galley began writing I’m in Love with a Church Girl with no intention of ever making a movie out of his life story. In 2005, when Galley was released from prison God redirected Galley’s career focus and gave him the vision for the movie I’m In Love With A Church Girl. He also provided Galley with the right people and resources to make it a reality. Galley says, “God will give you everything you need to accomplish what He needs you to do.”  

Galley is the founder and CEO of Reverence Gospel Media (RGM/New Breed) along with partner Israel Houghton, a multiple Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award winner. The partnership formed about three years ago. RGM was founded to create God-glorifying, life-impacting projects across a wide creative spectrum – faith-based films for theatrical and television audiences, music from some of the most talented and influential Christian artists in the world, live concerts and events, and more. RGM’s first feature film, I’m In Love With A Church Girl, will open on October 18, 2013 with an international release to follow.”  The film is based on Galley’s real life story which stars Jeff "Ja Rule" Atkins as a successful entrepreneur haunted by a criminal past and surrounded by old friends still "in the life.” He finds faith, redemption and inspiration when God puts a woman of faith (Adrienne Bailon) in his life. Other cast members include: Stephen Baldwin, Vincent Pastore, Michael Madsen, T-Bone, Martin Kove and TobyMac, with Steve Race directing. "We are extremely pleased to have been able to put together such a world-class team for our very first film," shares Galley. The film is rated PG and there is no nudity or cussing in the film. Galley hopes the movie will reach the churched and the unchurched. “God wants people to come as they are. God is for everybody,” reveals Galley.

RGM Records will release the soundtrack album of the film I'm In Love With A Church Girl later this month. The soundtrack features original music inspired by the film and includes artists such as Israel Houghton, New Breed, Toby Mac, Beckah Shae, Anthony Hamilton, Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon, T-Bone and many more. Newcomers Shari B and Amanda Shelby will also make their singing debut on the soundtrack.

When Galley is not making films you can find him each week serving at his church, Evergreen Valley Church in San Jose, California, as an ordained pastor. He has been with the church for over seven years. Galley started as the Children’s Pastor, then became the Youth Pastor, and today he is the Worship Pastor. “If God can use me He can use anybody,” shares Galley.

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