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Learn the Boundaries of Leadership


To get results, leadership matters. Henry says leaders in the workplace, lead people and it’s the people who actually get the job done.  However, the people must be led in a way that they can actually perform.  When Henry began practice as a clinician, his first job was in a leadership consulting firm.  The firm wanted a clinician who would work with leaders to help them with their personal and interpersonal leadership style to become more effective in leading people.  “I fell in love with the topic of leadership,” says Henry.  “For three decades, that has been a major focus of my hands-on work: listening to and working with leaders, their teams and their organizations.”

So, why do some leaders get results and others don’t?  Henry says leadership is about turning a vision into reality.  “It’s about producing real results in a real world,” he says.  When leaders lead in ways that people’s brains can follow, good results follow as well.  The leaders who get results are helping people to get their brains to work the way in which God intended.  This is the way in which a leader can accomplish a vision says Henry.

Leaders define boundaries and successful leaders in key areas: 1. The vision, focus, attention and activities that create forward movement are defined by leaders; 2. The emotional climate of the organization and its culture are created and sustained by leaders; 3. The unity and connectedness of the organization and the teams are built or fragmented by leaders;  4. The thinking and beliefs of the organization are sown and grown by leaders;  5. The amount and kinds of control and empowerment that people have, are given and required by leaders; 6. The performance and development of their teams and direct reports are stewarded by leaders; and 7. The leadership of oneself, which entails establishing one’s own boundaries, is required by leaders.


Henry says that the way to solve boundary issues with family or relationships begins with communication.  He says, “one sign of boundary problems is when your relationship with one person  has the power to affect your relationships with others.” Henry says that we need to balance our relationships so that one person does not have way too much power over our lives. “For marriage to work, the spouse needs to loosen her ties with her family and origin, and forge new ones with the new family she is creating through marriage” says Henry. The relationship with extended families need to be enhanced to have a happy marriage and set boundaries in order. Henry also says that good boundaries prevent resentment and that we need to make sure to give the proper amount for the situation and resources.

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