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NYT best-selling author, Fat Smash Diet

Founder/Creator, 50 Million Pound Challenge

Columnist, Men’s Health

Radio show host, Healthwise

Medical Expert, VH1's Celebrity Fit Club

Featured in People, Essence, Ebony, Oprah, and others

B.A. Harvard College

M.S. Colombia University

M.D. University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

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Dr. Ian Smith: Eating Sensibly

By The 700 Club

“This is a no diet diet,” says Dr. Ian.  He says his program is a solution for people who will not go on a diet.  “You can lose weight without being on a rigid program,” he says.  He says that the basic tenets will allow anyone to make small changes in their diet that will yield big results.  Eat shows people how to eat rather than dictating what to eat.  Dr. Ian decided to take the best research on healthful eating and boil it down so that after all the fancy language and complex ideas, the essentials of what it takes to eat and feel better are better understood.   

“I want to educate you on how to make decisions so that you can feel free and confident when it comes to making food and lifestyle choices,” says Dr. Ian. He says you will not only lose weight, but you will reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase energy, feel younger and fight diseases simply by putting the right foods on your plate.

Dr. Ian has 10 basic rules to follow:  Learn these rules and more by receiving our free Effortless Weight Loss fact sheet.

He says clean eating gives us the greatest nutritional punch and that fruits and vegetables are our greatest sources of health-promoting nutrients.  “We need to reduce the amount of processed foods, sugars, additives and sodium we are consuming in our diets,” says Dr. Ian.  He says you don’t have to become a registered dietician to make smart food choices.  The relatively new concept of “nutrient density,” or “nutrient richness,” can immediately improve the quality of your life.  Make sure 75% of what you eat is nutrient dense and you will see a dramatic improvement in your physical body as well as in your energy levels.

Many people are experiencing 15 pound weight losses in the first month using Dr. Ian’s Eat program.  One of the biggest challenges people had to overcome was portion control.  Over the last 20 years, portions have spiraled out of control.  So Dr. Ian came up with a cheat sheet that provides a visual representation of what our portions should look like.  For example, a cup of cereal flakes is about the size of a baseball.  One half a cup of cooked pasta is a lightbulb.  One baked potato is a computer mouse.  One tablespoon of mayonnaise is a poker chip, etc.  A general rule of thumb is to eat a fist.  Try to make food portions no bigger than the size of your fist.  (If you have a large fist, use ¾ of your fist as a visual.)  Always try to get in one serving of fruit with breakfast (fresh juice or smoothies count).

Dr. Ian will show us the Best Weight Loss Fruits, Best Sources of Protein, Good Sources of Fiber and Good Sources of Whole Grain. And remember, get our free fact sheet, Effortless Weight Loss to learn more about Dr. Ian's ideas.

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