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Serita Jakes


Author, Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale (2012)

Certified life coach

Named one of  “America’s Ultimate Experts” by Women’s' World Magazine

Owner of a Curves franchise

Married, 2 children


Balance Your Life and Lose Weight

Jennifer Tuma-Young says your clothing size does not determine your value as a person.  Most people want to lose weight but losing weight can be the by-product of getting your life in balance, not necessarily counting calories all the time.  Jennifer knows, for she was a yo-yo dieter for many years before joining the Curves community.  She has lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for 13 years.  The biggest benefit is finding her strength in the Lord and getting her life in balance which she says many women should do.  The principles she learned in her own weight “release” and working with her clients became her B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Program.  This program has seven-steps, each with two focuses: a practical, long-term approach and a spiritual, every day approach.  Jennifer says the practical techniques can be used to create your own customized approach to finding balance.   Learning to eat properly is important, but once you concentrate on balancing your life from the inside, you lose weight and balance the scale without realizing it. 

One of the important B.A.L.A.N.C.E techniques Jennifer says to remember is letting go of anything that does not serve you or the greater good and letting in the good things.  Letting go can mean getting rid of clutter, food items that are not good for your body, or expelling limiting beliefs.  When you do add good things, add with intention.  It is also good to have a support team.  She also recommends getting behind “a movement that moves you.”  For Jennifer, Curves was a supportive environment that helped her.  Serving others is also a good thing to add with intention.  Jennifer says when we help others, we help ourselves.

Faith was the anchor that helped Jennifer in her weight “release.”  She always thought she had control.  Jennifer says she wasn’t centering her life to her anchor, God.  When she finally attached her worth to God her life changed.  She always had faith, but didn’t feel close to God.  She became closer to God and her faith started growing stronger over the last thirteen years.

At the time she weighed most she was diagnosed with borderline diabetes. One day, she felt the presence of God and sensed He was saying to her, “You're not nurturing yourself because you're not loving yourself.”  Jennifer had an “ah-ha” moment and felt the intense love and power of God.  She left dieting behind and began caring for and nurturing herself.   All of these things happened at the most challenging time in her life.  She had just given birth to one of her children and they were going through tough financial times.  She was down on herself and had stopped doing things she loved.  For example, she was a writer since she was young.  During these hard times, she didn't feel like she could write anymore. She sensed God was telling her to, “...pick up her pen and write.  Write. Use your gift.”  God also told her that she was worthy with no strings attached.  He truly became her anchor and compass in life.  Jennifer noticed a change in her life.  Her faith in God became stronger.  She continued to nurture her body and did not gain any more weight.  For her, nurturing meant eating the foods that would help her body.  She began to look at herself with compassion.  She spoke kind words to herself and stopped being so harsh and critical.  Jennifer also treated herself inside like she would a person she held in the highest regard. 
Jennifer will be sharing flavor makeovers, Energy/DE stress foods, Clarity foods, and Calming foods.

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