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Have an Awesome Life as a Single Woman

By The 700 Club SINGLENESS
Mandy grew up in a Christian home and was baptized as a little girl.  When she was 20, she rededicated her life to the Lord and was baptized as an adult.  Mandy, now 34, says she had always wanted to get married by the time she was 25.  Six years ago, Mandy was in a relationship which she describes as unhealthy that lasted two years.  “Once I got out of the relationship, I was in a new place,” she says.  “I was excited to be single and was looking for books about embracing single life.”  Instead all Mandy could find were books on how to date a man, land him and keep him.  “There was nothing about enjoying the moment,” says Mandy.  She was looking for a voice of hope for single women among all the voices of discouragement.  There weren’t any.  “So I decided to become one,” she says.

Mandy started a column, which soon led to The Single Woman Twitter page which almost overnight began to pick up steam.  That led to a Facebook page, which led to the creation of a website a year later, which led to an e-book which became a published book, The Single Woman.

She says many have often labeled a single woman in her late twenties and beyond as “single and desperate.”  Instead of being viewed as a choice, being single seems to denote a lack of options.  “Everyone wants to meddle in the life of a woman who refuses to settle: setting her up on endless dates with guys she has no interest in, calling her desperate, lonely, or too picky, or asking, ‘What’s wrong with her?,’” says Mandy.  The path that Mandy sees is quite different.  “The modern-day single woman is something to be applauded as bold and courageous and unique, not lauded as sad or pathetic or weak,” she says.

Mandy says being happily single does not mean you’ve sworn off love, or given up on the hope of finding your Happy Ending.  “It simply means that you’re determined to have a Happy Everything,” she says.  Mandy reminds single women to design a life so amazing that you don’t want to be rescued from it.  “The only thing we single ladies need to be rescued from is the notion that we need to be rescued.”  Being Happily Single is also the precursor to being Happily Taken.  You cannot have one without the other. 

Many reminds single ladies to watch for red flags.  Once when Mandy was on a first date, the man was a perfect gentleman all night.  At the end of dinner, he turned to her and asked her for $40!  Though he made up a litany of excuses as to why he needed the money, Mandy says it was the sketchiest first date she had ever been on.  Obviously there was no second date.  Maybe your red flag isn’t as blatant as Mandy’s but she recommends that whenever you are feeling a moment’s hesitation to pause and evaluate the situation.  Mandy says you should be asking, “Is God trying to tell me something,?”  She reminds us that God has our backs enough to send the signs, but it’s up to us to read them.

Mandy was chosen by Oprah to be one of her Life Class Bloggers in 2011, was voted “Woman of Influence” by the Nashville Business Journal in 2011 and is a frequent contributor for the Huffington Post and Lifetime’s The Conversation.  Celebrity Twitter followers include Sherri Shepherd, Nicholas Sparks and Michelle Williams.  Visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @TheSingleWoman.

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