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Jimmy Wayne


Author, Malibu Nanny, (2013)

Former nanny for Bruce and Linda Jenner (1976 Olympic Decathalon Gold Medalist), 1987-1989

Former nanny, cook and personal assistant to Kris Kardashian Jenner 1989-1994

BA, Piano and Trumpet Performance, Pepperdine University

Mother to Jamie, 6


Malibu Nanny: Helping to Raise the Kardashians

By The 700 Club NEW SEASON
Pam grew up in Norcross, Minnesota.  Her family attended a Lutheran church every weekend where Pam was the organist since she was in 6th grade.  By the time she was a senior, Pam wanted to travel, experience the thrill of a great adventure and conquer new challenges. 

After graduating from high school in 1987, she went to college in Rapid City.  Her best friend, Sara, went to USC in Los Angeles. After her first year, Pam decided to visit Los Angeles for the summer and applied as a nanny at an agency in Beverly Hills.  A few days later, the agency called Pam to set up an appointment to meet with Linda Jenner.  Pam didn’t realize who Linda was until she saw photos of Bruce Jenner, 1976 Olympic decathalon gold medalist!  (The Jenners divorced in 1984 when their boys, Brandon, now 32, and Brody, now 30, were toddlers.)  Her first day at work was July 4th and Pam loved the excitement of living in Beverly Hills.  By the time summer was half over, she decided to take a year off from school.  Pam was getting submerged in the Hollywood lifestyle: traveling to Tahoe, sailing on 50 foot yachts and even dating a celebrity!  Though her life was full, Pam found herself missing the Midwest and friends her own age.  The following year, Pam applied at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and got a half scholarship for music. 

In 1991, Bruce got engaged to Kris Kardashian, the formerly married to the famous OJ Simpson trial lawyer Robert Kardashian.  After they were married, Bruce asked Pam to nanny Kris’ 4 kids: Kourtney, then 12; Kim, 10; Khloe, 6; and Robert, 4. Bruce said Pam could live for free in exchange for nannying and could walk to school because they lived across the street from her college. 

Nannying 4 kids wasn’t easy.  “I was up at 5 am. Getting lunches together and getting everyone to school was tough,” says Pam who was late for school herself.  Then after school, all the Kardashian kids had activities like ice skating and horseback riding.  At dinner, Pam planned for 10, including the maid, at every meal.  “That was a huge undertaking,” she says.  There was meal planning, grocery shopping and the actual cooking.  After dinner, Pam was in charge of cleaning up, helping with homework and getting the kids ready for bed.  Then Pam, utterly exhausted, would have to study her own homework.  “So many nights, I would fall asleep on my books,” she says.           

Because she worked on Sundays, Pam stopped going to church.  “I started creeping away from the Lord,” says Pam.  “I was the hired help.  I always felt insignificant.  I didn’t have as nice as stuff as them but I was grateful to be traveling with them,” she says.   Every once in a while, Kris would buy her a nice outfit.  “They were generous,” says Pam.  A year or two before she quit nannying, Pam’s mom said she saw her changing.  After that, Pam noticed that she was concerned with “things.”  “Since when am I so concerned with clothes.  I grew up a tom boy,” Pam says.  Now at 25, Pam had no life.  “Your life as a nanny is theirs and I wanted to get married and have kids,” says Pam 

After she left nannying in 1995, Pam moved to Jackson, Tennessee and worked as a convenience store manager.  “Talk about culture shock,” says Pam.  In 1998, Pam got married.  He was an alcoholic and life was difficult but Pam forced herself to be happy.  Then in 2004, he hit Pam and she finally justified leaving him.  In April 2005, Pam got diagnosed with cancer and her then boyfriend proposed to her on the same day she was diagnosed.  “I got caught of up in the newness of the relationship and having cancer made me think about how precious life is,” she says.  “I fell hook, line and sinker because I was still trying to fill that void.” By December, Pam was 2 weeks pregnant.  At the time, she had no idea her boyfriend was a drug user.  “I got a call from his parole officer.  He had been picked up with meth and was with another woman.”  Pam stayed with him through his incarceration but when he got out, he continued to lie and deceive her.  She kicked him out of the house.  Pam started reading her Bible and her relationship with God was reignited.  In August 2006, her son Jamie was born.  In 2008, after her father passed away, Pam decided to move back to Aberdeen to be near her mother.  She got a job as an insurance representative and later as a substitute teacher for the high school.  (Since her cancer diagnosis, Pam has had many basil cell spots removed and has to have regular check ups.)

One day in the grocery store check out, Pam noticed a tabloid with the Kardashian kids promoting their new reality show.  “I didn’t realize my family had gotten famous,” says Pam.  Though she still talked to Bruce on a regular basis, he never mentioned the reality show.  Pam speaks highly of her former bosses.  Her last visit with them in California was in 2000.  She called Khloe in 2003 when their father Robert died.  In 2012, Bruce was speaking in Aberdeen, SD and she met with him for lunch and he was able to meet Jamie.

Pam says as she’s grown closer to God through her trials and says now she understands what selfless love is.  “I recognize my vision of love was skewed because of my experiences with men,” she says.  She is still waiting on God’s Plan A for her life.  “I know God has a man out there made specifically for me,” says Pam.  “I’m leaving it up to Him.”  She feels like everything that has happened in her life has prepared her for being a mom.  “This is my grandest adventure,” says Pam.  “And my greatest achievement.”

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