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Shaneen Clarke


Founder of Shaneen Clarke Ministries and A Woman’s Call Ministries, which have expanded
internationally to India, Italy, Scandinavia, the Philippines, and USA

Holds entrepreneurial seminars
for Christians and non- Christians

Had a weekly radio program on Premier Radio and had a TV
program Real Issues interviewing high profile people about their testimonies

Has appeared on Asian
and African television

Qualified Bible Teacher and Corporate Life Coach, trained at Roehampton University

Married to Martin, two children

Previous Appearance


Shaneen Clarke: Heeding the Call of Families in Need

Shaneen visited India on two occasions in 2012.   The first was to speak at the First National Leaders Woman's Conference, spearheading the Alpha Course.  She specifically addressed the importance of family life in leadership and social justice issues.  It was the first ever national Christian women's leaders conference attended by 115 women leaders and seven regional conferences are planned for next year.  The second trip to India was in partnership with Valley Creek Church, Texas and Shaneen spoke mothers of a thousand slum kids.  She visited schools that are educating the slum kids and rescuing sex trafficked kids, which is being conducted within a safe environment.  Prior to this second visit to India she attended a family conference in Dallas, Texas where she spoke about the “throw away culture” that has developed in our consumer age where people are not used to mending anything.  It is cheaper to buy a new item and throw out the old.   She also emphasized the importance of passing the blessing to the next generation.

This year Shaneen returned to India with the church she attends, Holy Trinity Brompton, where they led Alpha initiatives across six states of India and into Nepal.   The church group witnessed deliverance and many healing miracles.  Shaneen says the empowerment of leaders including many professional women was a joy to see.

The social issues of injustice in India are a paramount matter. United Nations Population Fund Report found that around two thirds of Indian women are victims of domestic violence and as many as 70% of married women in India between the age of 15 and 49 are victims of beating, rape and forced sex. 
The government has introduced new guidelines including jail sentences for stalking and voyeurism as they seek to redress the horrific practices.   Repeat offenders receive double time when captured.   These deterrents are working but there is a long way to go.  Only education can repave the way and many women are not aware of their legal right for an education.   Research shows 52% of women believe it is justified if a man beats his wife and fortunately 48% think otherwise.  One million children go missing in India every year. These are often children being sold into slavery as part of religious tradition.

In 2013 Shaneen’s ministry continued A Woman's Call meetings on a monthly basis.  As a result, women are getting empowered and are becoming a voice locally in their businesses and local communities.  Shaneen says there is one thing the devil fears and that is a woman moving in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Women are God's secret weapon for the final battle in these last days.  Women are arising and taking their place in God worldwide.

In February 2013 Shaneen visited Oral Roberts University and spoke to 4, 500 at their chapel service.  She has also continued to speak in England and Wales where she visited the center of the Welsh Revival led by Evan Roberts.  Recently she visited Norway and they are planning a Scandinavian and European tour.

Here are some interesting statistics about the European Union:  Fewer than 1% of Europeans are Evangelical Christians.   The Church in Africa is growing 50 times faster than the Church in Europe.  In the UK only 10% attend church weekly.  According to Tear Fund research nearly three million more people would attend church regularly if given “the right invitation.”

In Romania Shaneen spoke at The Women's National Conference and appeared on Alpha TV.   Believers from six nations around Eastern Europe attended and everyone witnessed an incredible move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the women.   In the capital city Bucharest she spoke to the vibrant youth in a jam packed church and wondered to see so many young people so eager for Christ.  Reports of revival appeared and the leaders have invited her to return as well as to visit Bulgaria.

Though we are facing many challenges Shaneen has seen clearly the beginning of revival and awakening in many nations particularly a great hunger for Jesus Christ.   She has also witnessed a move in the new generation both in their love of Christ and their hunger for worship.  Shaneen says the importance of Word based ministries and equipping leaders is vital at this time.  We as ambassadors must carry the flame of the Holy Spirit.  To see transformation, teaching and healing is Shaneen’s “heart-centered” mission.

Shaneen Clarke was born in London and is from a Hindu Punjabi background.  Her father was in the East Indian Army and lived in London.  Though her parents did not formally accept Jesus as their Savior until Shaneen was older, they sent her to Sunday school and she had a Christian-based education.  At the age of 14, Shaneen was engaged to marry an Indian man.  Her parents arranged a marriage; because they were afraid Shaneen would become unruly and marry a white, English man.  As a result of the upcoming arranged marriage, she became suicidal and overdosed on pills.   About that time, one of Shaneen’s uncles asked her father if she could attend an Elim Christian Camp Conference.  She gave her heart to Jesus at this meeting, and she hoped He would release her from the arranged marriage, and He did.  She began to evangelize in her neighborhood, which led to her family getting saved.  Shaneen also joined a local Assemblies of God church.  Her pastor gave her the book Daughter of Destiny, about American evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman.  This book inspired her to pray for a heaven-sent anointing on her life.  Hungry to understand more about God and the Holy Spirit, she read more books by great men and women of the Christian faith, such as A.W. Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth.  Her heart for the lost began to grow.  Soon her parents allowed her to have weekly prayer meetings at their house, where many young people found Christ as their personal Savior.  News spread at her church about the meetings and adults wanted to attend too.  Her passion to serve the Lord grew.  Sixteen-year-old Shaneen was invited to speak at an evening service.  The title of her message was “Dare to be Great,” which was a teaching about David and Goliath.  During this time of spiritual growth, Shaneen hoped to enroll in a Bible college.  However, her parents encouraged her to marry a deacon of the church when she was seventeen.  Early in the marriage, Shaneen found herself in an abusive situation.  She stayed in her marriage for almost ten years and had two children.  After her marriage ended, she took a break from ministry and went into business and modeling, however, her call to ministry never left.  About seven years later, she returned to ministry.  She married again, this time to an English businessman (to the delight of her father), Martin, who had been radically converted to Christianity.   

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