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Meet Mike and Kandice

Mike Weaver:

Latest CD, Every Time I Breathe, (Word Entertainment, 2006);

Earned five top 4 singles:"You're Worthy of My Praise," "Just the Way I Am," "Fields of Grace," and "Audience of One," and "In Christ;"

2002 Dove Award Nomination for New Artist of the Year.

Kandice Weaver:

Director of Marketing for Word Label Group.


Big Daddy Weave and His Wife Take the Prayer Challenge

The 700 Club


Mike and Kandice Weaver have been married for almost three years. They met at Fervent Records (now part of Word Label Group) on September 11, 2001 when Kandice was an intern. Mike always thought Kandice was a "knock out" and out of his league. Kandice recalls that she thought that Mike was too good for her and that she would have to be ready for marriage if she was to even think of dating him.

Kandice always knew Mike had a crush on her. They had a three-year friendship until it seemed like God was bringing them together for something more than friendship. Kandice knew that Mike would not want to jeopardize the friendship if their feelings weren't mutual, so she knew she would have to let him know that she was interested in him. 

She did, and they courted each other for three months. By then, God showed them that they would be married. They were engaged in December 2004 and married on May 21, 2005. Since then, they have been happily married and have an 10-month-old son, Eli.

LEGACY OF PRAYER            

The Weavers are amazed at the power of prayer in their lives from the legacy of their parents. Mike says that it is wonderful that they can "drink from wells that they did not dig" and that the way had been prepared for Mike and Kandice by what their parents prayed for them. 

Mike accepted Jesus when he was nine-years-old. As a teenager, Mike had his own encounter with God, and he remembers his father praying daily for the family. This example has caused prayer to be a natural part of Mike's life throughout the entire day – like breathing.

Kandice received Christ in her childhood and also had good examples of prayer warriors in her life. Her mother was a wonderful woman of God, who was always praying for her. She passed away when Kandice was 10, however, Kandice had a huge support system of family and friends who prayed for her and were great pictures of Christ. There were also a group of women that Kandice’s mom had asked to always pray for her daughters, and Kandice knows she was protected by these prayers. When her father remarried, Kandice's stepmother was also a great woman of God. Kandice learned to walk in the Lord through all these godly examples around her.


Though the Weavers' were strong in the Lord and in their marriage, they would usually only pray together when problems arose. They decided to take the 40-Day Couples Who Pray Challenge a few weeks ago and have already seen some positive benefits to their already tight bond.

Their time to come together in prayer now, while Mike is not on tour, is before going to bed. Mike says the prayer challenge is a great focuser. It's something special for them to come together on purpose. They spend more time together, and their time together in the Lord has grown the more they have gotten into it. Their attitude towards one another has even changed. There is more of a richness in their relationship. In the household, the Weavers see that there is more peace for the family and a more restful atmosphere in their home. Mike and Kandice are also getting more confirmations from God about things they have asked direction for. Their communication is better, and being honest before the Lord together helps fight against miscommunication.            

The prayer time is even preparing the Weavers for when Mike goes back on the road with his band which is the hardest time for the Weavers. Kandice says that's when Satan usually likes to attack her with the worries of what might go wrong with the household while Mike is away. When Mike is on the road, he and Kandice will pray after the band has a sound check. Now that they have established this time together in prayer, they are gaining more confidence in the Lord and are excited to see what He will do in their lives this year.  


Mike says the song "Every Time I Breath" was born out of a dry time in his life. It is all about relationship with God.  People don't have to concentrate on breathing or put it on your 'to do' list.  If you don't breathe, you die. It's a natural part of life. That's what worshipping God should be like. It is encountering the Glory of God at every moment. Worship and prayer are a lifestyle.            

Big Daddy Weave is a Christian rock band that started in 2002. The five member band got it's name from one of Mike's nicknames "Big Daddy" and part of his and his brother (and fellow bandmate) Jay's last name.

The band is  composed of Mike (lead singer, main songwriter, guitarist), Jay (bass and vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar and vocals), Jeff Jones (drums) and Joe Shirk (saxophone and keyboards). Their popular songs include: "Every Time I Breathe," "Audience of One," "In Christ," "Fields of Grace," and "Without You." The group met while in college at the University of Mobile.

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